Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ultimate Emcee Battle R-R-R-Rap Up

Maaaan, I never heard so many people say last night was the "best MC battle I ever saw." Real talk. And, speaking of Real Talk- it was a close one between Real Talk and K-Beta in the quaterfinals. In fact, K-Beta's first two opponents- Yung Cat and Real Talk were his toughest competitors along the way to his eventual winning of the Second Ultimate Emcee Challenge.

The emcees were out last night, and I have one demanding suggestion for the next battle- you have to have some sort of loser bracket that gets you back in because I saw cats like Chuck Book, K.I., Young Cat, Real Talk, Dilligent and more lose early and by the closest of margins and I felt like they could have had another chance especially, when a midget in "the crow" jacket is battling the poker rapper! LOL. And, if you were there you know what I'm talkin bout. Them dudes shouldnt have been able to advance anywhere. In fact, Seez Mics battling that Chris "Moneymaker" look-a-like was plain RIDICULOUS!

Speaking of Seez Mics! WTF! He was running thru his competition and looked to be on his way to his umpteenth battle championship. Many people think he got robbed. Now, many of you know that me and Beta go way back, but, what you don't know is that I known Seez just as long and these two battling it out in the semi-finals was revenge and it got a lil personal. (Many of the battles got a lil personal for real. lol) Seez beat Beta the weekend Beta got outta jail in 2004 (after a 3 1/2 year bid) and it was not just a win, it was an utter slaying..Well, this time around Beta got a lil help from the crowd and pushed the battle into overtime for a third round. And Beta served Seez.

The semi-finals also featured the old vet Slim Cee battling Sketch and after Slim was out anhilating his foe all night, he met his match against Sketch. Sketch had his best round in this battle and straight mAErked Slim. It wasnt even funny.

The finals shaped up as a Black Irish championship with the two group members going head to head. K-Beta versus Sketch. Well, it wasnt much of a battle as Sketch went first and had a little more hesitant approach against Beta. Cause when Beta went in... he took shots calling Sketch his hype man and all types of other shit. Don't worry videotape will be up soon.

All in all, this was the best battle I can ever remember seeing. I mean you had Whitefolkz, Chuck Book, Real Talk, Chaos, Seez Mics, Flex Matthews, K-Beta, Sketch, Dilligent, Slim Cee, K.I., and a bunch more who impressed. The battles were hittin from the jump and I look forward to the next joint in March. In the meantime make sure you mark your calendars for Jan. 16 for the "King Of The Beltway Beat Battle" also at Jammin Java and for Jan 26 at Pure for the relaunch of Tru Skool with almost every dope emcee in the area having a giant cipher. Gonna be crazy!!!

King Of The Beltway

Guns-N-Butter Gets Dissed By Old MGR?! WTF?!

Some of my people just put me on to this disrespectful blog my a former friend and Guns-N-Butter assistant...I guess hes mad that he couldnt get any free beats! WOW! Yer such a dick riding gump. #1 he never managed us! hahaha. #2 he never got us any beat placements. hahahaha. #3 he says he hooked us up with p-cutta hahahahaha.maaaan, im not even gonna address this fuckin nonsense. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. check him out... he goes by kiko on myspace. you can friend request him HERE! tell him guns-n-butter sends theyre love

Friday, June 27, 2008

Street market ent
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there is a team out there right now making music can u guess who? everyone is!! these days in time there are so many wanna be music producers rappers etc..,but there is a dim light that is startin to brighten up in the A. lemme explain b4 i go on, i have managed several artists from producers to rappers. There attitudes are very different, believe it or not.but we are talkin bout producers, my first experience with producers besides my own team, was guns n butter, a white dude and an indian, weird combo right and u thought tha these dudes would listen but they always try to grab any oppertunity and didn't care of the consequence, i showed them the way they were lost b4 they hooked up with and if they say any different, it is what it is, I hooked them up with P-cutta and the crew they didn't know any better and i had to vouch for them on several occassions not trying to tute my on horn but i did lead them the way, they okay dudes but they are stubborn as a fuck and there beats are samples, sampled beats sound great but no nononononono money!! So with guns n butter had set up tracks done with nore, nature,tragedy khadafi, and others but they can't play keys, and can't create a beat from scratch, they attempted 2 but wackness!!!
STREET MARKET is a young crew of producers who actually know how to create a beat from scratch, they sample there own live drums etc... can't give all the secrets. Brie is a producer from fla and he is from the carribean thats why he got so much rythm behind his shit, afriken iz african and he is a monster on the drums. THey do it all, they are geniuses at pro tools, and they have great ears. Ed is the operations of the crew so get at them they got heat, and if u remember the record tat it up, thats them they got plenty of great hits, they done shit with jeezy, blood raw just to name a few. They are so good they got a rapper named trouble a writers deal with atlantic these guys are buzzin and if u aint careful they will sting ya. These guys listen to what u want and they give u what u need. they are being push by SG, simon gidewon who has been hated on and dogged out so many times that i lost count. Simon G is misunderstood and he is generally refered as ALEX LIL BROTHER which is true, he is his younger brother but he his ALEX'S brother first off, so respect his grind and he will reciprocate the respect. U can hate on these guys if u want but in the end u will wish u dealt with them from the jump, Simon and his team have been thru alot of shit and they are still going thru it but like a great team they always come thru in the clutch, from from hiphop, rap, r&B, and world music these guys got it.I have been round alot of great producers such as mannie fresh, nitty, polow the don, and many others but these guys the industry better watch out for cuz they street market monsters. PLEASE don't ask for free beats cuz free doesnt pay bills and they way beyond that lvl, LETS GET IT YYYYEEAAAAHHHHHH


this is the level u stoop to?! it took someone 5 months to find this blog and it got no responses on yer page.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Check my blogs and the whole DMV movement over at

Click the pic to check it out..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

TOP 10 DMV MCs/Producers

So, it's the end of the year... Everyone gonna post their favorite songs, favorite clubs, mcs, producers, trends, clothes, models, etc.. If you know me then you know I would never do such a trendy thing. Right? Well, you're kinda wrong and kinda right. I'm gonna post the ten best DMV mcs and producers and not care what yall think...Enjoy n leave some feedback. But, dont throw stones at my crib please

Producers. (excluding me!)

Kev Brown
Mark Henry
Team Demo
Bad Abbot


Ra The MC
Laelo Hood
Kingpin Slim

Thats my list and Im not sticking to it... but its not bad. I need to hear more Lyriciss, Kaimbr, Ken Starr, Shaka, Sheeba, Seez Mics, Ardamus, Nando McFly, Damu, TEFLON, Southeast Slim, AB The Producer, T2, Marky, Tabi, etc...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Rumored contestants... K-Beta, Slim Cee, Sketch, Dilligent (Last Winner,) Seez Mics, Flexx Matthews, Ardamus.... Should be a doozy!


Inner Loop Records Presents:

King of the Beltway Producer Battle

01.16.09 | Jammin Java (227 Maple Ave; Vienna, VA)

Prizes Include:

$300 (Winner)

$100 (Runner Up)

A feature and interview on

An email blast to 10,000+ DJ's from

3 Free web seminars from

A feature and interview from

A feature and interview from

A spot in the next Inner Loop Beatdown

Plus much more!

Submission Information:

All producers must submit:

-$20 to the Pay Pal link below (If you don't have Pay Pal, then let us know and you can accommodate you)

-3 Tracks, a photo, and contact information to


Battle information:

-Only the first PAYING 32 producers will be selected

-All producers will be judged by the crowd and a panel of industry representatives

-Any further information or questions can be directed to


Remix Magazine
Loud Records
Green Hitz Promotions
In The Know Seminars
For The DMV Only
Elite DC Magazine


Inner Loop Records
Strong Arm Entertainment
BetaRaz Entertainment

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008



Vote for K-Beta as BEST ARTIST, Inner Loop Records as BEST PARTY or BEST PROMOTER, J-$crilla or Overok as BEST PRODUCER

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bloodsport "BloodWork"

My dude Bloodsport is dropping that new Big Mike hosted Bloodsport "Bloodwork" mixtape very soon. Mad beats by myself and Chop-La-Rok...The joint features all of Bloodsport's best verses over the best 10 years. Songs he's done with Tragedy Khadafi, The Game, Nature, Capone, Starr Blazz and many much more...Shit gonna be crack!

George Bush Floats Like A Butterfly!

Welcome To Iraq Mu'Fucka!!!!!!!!!! Haha.

"This is a faiwell kiss Dog!" "This is an example of free speech and democracy."--- Words from the shoe hurler...

"I'm Alright, I'm alright. All I can report is it is a size 10!" Hahahhahahahaha. Bush got jokes....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Vanderslice "Just Me N My Beaks" Winter Mix

CLICK HERE for Vanderslice new (i think first) breaks tape..Definitely recommended.

P.S. Dont jack any samples off of break mixtapes dickheads

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dolphins On The Move

Awwwwww!!! The lowly Redskins are 7-6 and the mighty Dolphins are 8-5. HAHAHAHA

Thursday, December 4, 2008

K-Beta "I Read" Live on PBS

This is from 2006. Me n Beta woke up early to hit the PBS station and he performed this live. Produced by Sleep Hollow...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My brother Doug sent me this...crazy.

I came across a story today about Monster Cables. Apparently they sue everyone that uses the word monster. Their lawsuits include suing the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., the Chicago Bears for their use of the nickname "Monsters of the Midway", job board, Monster energy drink, and literally hundreds of small family owned businesses all for copyright infringement based on the use of the word monster.

Basically they just beat smaller companies down and force them into a settlement where the company has to pay licensing fees to Monster Cable for use of the word monster.

So basically they make well-marketed, over-hyped, overpriced audio and video cables and then own the naming rights to hundreds of products and companies.

I am kind of shocked that this is even legal. Why wouldn't a judge laugh them out of court? Copyright infringement is supposed to be for when a similar name might confuse consumers into buying another similar product. How the fuck have they taken ownership of a fucking word from the dictionary? Seriously?

Link for more details.

Anyone can help by not purchasing their products, writing letters, donating to the companies who are fighting them, or by personal finding the founder of Monster Cables, Noel Lee, and bitch slapping him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

K-Beta "Life Of CRhyme" Video Shoot

New video we shot all weekend. Produced by yours truly. Be on the look out for that

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mass Text! J-Zone

I swear to GOD I was about to right a rant about this shit...It seems J-Zone beat me to it. This shiht is classic. By the way, I do have free text messaging but seriously, half the numbers I don't have saves and ALL of them arent like "Yo, Jeff..." or "Yo, Scrilla,..."

Check it out...

Check out this email from the one and only J-Zone:

To whom it may concern. I'll be damned, it's noon and already 10 texts deep. $1.50.

I don't like repeating myself. I really really don't. I only do that when a first attempt at sending a message doesn't go through…you know, like when you attempt to send a text message to somebody and it fails so you resend. While we're on the subject…let's stay there.

Last Christmas I informed everybody of my frustration with these %$%$!! mass text messages. They're like mass emails (like this one) but 9 times out of 10 they're trite, arbitrary, bland and cost money. OK, some of you have free text messaging on your phones. Well, I still have a cassette walkman and was evil the day auto makers stopped putting tape players in cars - I had to burn all my music on CD's which took over a year including that real nice Ice-T album that had bonus cuts only on the tape- so I obviously don't give a %^$* about the latest technology. Don't give me that Blackberry/Bluetooth sh*t either unless your name is in Forbes Magazine. I don't do none of that sh*t and those that know me know that I DON"T HAVE FREE TEXT MESSAGING ON MY CEL PHONE PLAN. EVERY TEXT MESSAGE COSTS ME 15 CENTS TO SEND AND RECEIVE. Don't get me wrong, if you want to wish me a happy holiday then say "Yo Jay, Happy Holidays" in the text. That's fine and I appreciate the thought. Or pick up the *%#!%! phone and call me. If you're so hi tech you must have a lotta minutes on your iphone or whatever that sh*t is. E-Mail me, it's free! But this mass text message sh*t gotta stop and I mean right mutha%#!*&% now. Especially in this economy. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I get an average of 40 "Happy/Merry whatever the &%$#" text messages. And half of these jokers that send them are loose music biz affiliates that I never bothered to save their number but they apparently kept every number they ever got and mass text these one liner greetings and I have no idea who the %@!* they are (take me off your event list too, especially if I don't live in the same state as you). When I them call back to invoice them for my 15 cents, they don't pick up the $&#*!* phone! Lets do some arithmetic…

40 Text Messages @ $0.15 cents each = $6.00

Half of these texts are from people whose numbers aren't saved in my phone, so I have to call them back to see who it is and cuss them out. 90% go to robot voicemail. 90% of these texts are during peak hours, so I get charged for approximately 18 one minute calls before 9PM trying to get reimbursed my 15 cents. I have 600 anytime and free nights and weekends on my plan. I usually use about 587 minutes in the winter months (I like to leave a lil room so I don't get charged $1.25 per minute for going over 600). Therefore, I run a risk of going over my anytime minutes by about 5 minutes.

5 minutes @ $1.25 per minute = $6.25

Taxes and fees are about $0.75

$6.00 + $6.25 + $0.75 = $13.00

That's $13.00 pointlessly spent for no %*&!% reason at all. Simply for having a cel phone and being a victim of pointless text dreck. They just pile up like L blocks in a game of Tetris when Christmas rolls around. If I up my plan, that's another $10 a month…$120 for the year. $140 including taxes and surcharges. I can hear y'all talkin' sh*t about me right now. "Yo man J-Zone is mad cheap, he's pitchin a b**ch over $13." OK, I'm cheap, so what? Go head and talk that sh*t. But if you walked into White Castle and the cashier asked you for $13 but you didn't ask to buy food, would you just give it to him/her simply because you were in there? Let that marinate for a second…and in the meantime here is a list of things I can do with $13...

- Get a shape-up (or a full haircut if I see my man Jay-Mee) and have $3 left over for a new toothbrush…the good kind with the bristles that reach deep in the gums and massage them.

- Fill half my tank with Mobil 87 gas (since prices went back down).

- Buy 2 bags of Asian Style Chicken Breasts at Trader Joes (with some money left over if I get lighter bags).

- A 6 pack of Adidas Moisture Wicking Athletic Crew Socks at Marshalls.

- A sealed copy of Pimps Up, Hoes Down on DVD via including shipping.

- 31 stamps and only having to come out of pocket $0.02.

Hopefully sending this message out early in the holiday season thwarts some of this text message crap and I can save some money and save you the impending headache of me bossing up on you for my $0.15...because I swear on a stack of James Brown 45's I'm not even kidding, I'm dead a$$ serious. If you strike on all 3 holidays, that's $0.45. Learn to contact people directly when you think of them. Yeah it takes time, but it was never a problem before text messaging. E-mail me (it's free!!!!), get at me personally or remove me off your text list because your tab is running and ye$ I will be paid, I will be paid.

Feel free to paypal me $13 at this e-mail address tomorrow…or order a Chief Chinchilla: Live @ The Liqua Sto CD from me…it's the same price. That's black Friday for your mutha f%$#!* a$$…the day I get reimbursed for ya'll getting greedy with your phone features…

If this doesn't apply to you, enjoy your day...

Ho Ho Ho


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Download new K-Beta "Reflections" Produced by J-$crilla

Click here to download or stream K-Beta "Reflections" circa 2005 produced by J-$crilla

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Record Fair At Maryland Campus

Records, records and more records!

Mark your calendars for this years WMUC record fair. Som Records will be there with a table full of fresh wax. There will also be lots of other vendors as well (over 50 tables worth). Cheap to rare and in between. The last was off the hook, this one should be even better!

Sunday, December 7, from 11 AM to 4 PM. On the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, in the Grand Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ultimate Emcee Challenge Part 2

Dilligent won the last one and now I hear there's many more emcees out there trying to cut thru mu'fuckas...Lots a prizes and you know the winner gets a - mmhhhmmm- J-$crilla produced track with accompanying video by Gadget. Serious bizness my dudes and dudiettas

Friday, November 21, 2008

Reef/GNB is almost here...

If yer in DC come to 930 club this sunday to see Reef, Jedi Mind tricks, Outerspace. 1 Love

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nas Illmatic Remix Jawn! Live Video by G-Light films

On May 29, 2008 Inner Loop Records threw a show @ Rock-N-Roll Hotel celebrating the classic Nas "Illmatic" album. We got a hold of some of the dopest DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) cats to remix the classic album and we threw it together on CD and performed it all live. This was the first time this concept had been attempted and the first of many more remake albums to come as we are gearing up for the Jay-Z "Reasonable Doubt" joint in January. Producers such as Kev Brown, Best Kept Secret, J-$crilla, Overok, Judah, NFinit, Oddisee and more remixed the original samples and had emcees like Ra The MC, Sketch, K-Beta, R.E.U.B., Kambir, Team Demo and Shaka perform their own takesm and own lyrics, of the classic wordplay Nas invoked. The album was put up on blogs from Japan to Germany to Australia to Russia to the good ol USA and though its hard to guage the amount of total downloads and listens we can tell you that on its been listened to over 260,000 times and downloaded nearly 60,000 times. The night is summed up here on video thanks to G-Light Films and

5.29.08 Illmatic Remix Party from Inner Loop Records on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reminder: This Saturday I'm blowin dust off the records!

The Life & Times of A $crillionaire

design by- J-$crilla
My dude Judah aka The Legend got himself a lil feature. Congrads. This is a big deal for the DMV and slim is a genuine dude. Go over there and leave a comment...

Click here to read the interview!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

K-Beta "Be A Man"

K-Beta "Be A Man" ..... Produced by Team Demo..Off the upcoming K-Beta/DJ Alizay mixtape. No one spits like this...Leave a comment and let him know whats hood


Yo My girl got selected for jury duty and she got assigned to a trial. She's a contractor for 2 TV stations, meaning she's not an employee. So, she has to work this trial til it's over and only make $30 a day (which is sposed to be for lunch.) For real, that's some straight bullshit!!!!!!!!!! She has to take off work and not get fucking paid for at least a week! In this fuckin day and age!. And who gonna have to foot the bill? You already know. I told her I wouldn't go. I'd go up there and tell em to fuck off. I'd say some racist shit or some fat joke shit or whatever the fuck could get me outta there. but, she's afraid she'll get locked up and shit...Fuck that. Fuck jury duty. Just another way the motherfuckin courts are all fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote For K-BETA

What's good everybody? Take a moment to share in the great news!

The review panel at chose my track ('K-Beta State Of Mind') to spin on Episode #77 of the HoodHype show which drops this week!

The track was also played on our LIVE show via our syndication partner AOL Music's LARGEST hip-hop station SmoothBeats. All this and if I win the listener vote (announced two shows later), then I win an interview on the next LIVE show and podcast, a spot on the front page of the site and much more!

Vote Below!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


You know maaaaaaaan, I gotta get somethin off the S on the chest.. I downloaded Mick Boogie's "Leaders Of The New Kool" the other day and got around to listening anf first off, its got a bunch of nerdy scenesters rapping about what they wear (which i the idea of the "tape" i think.) Case in point... This dude Fashawn. This song comes on and right away I'm like "Holy Moly!" I dunno who produced the song but..hold up! The dude Fashawn is straight rapping about what he wears the whole song. Like, just jive blatant "10 Deep, check, LRG, check...Supreme, check, Zoo York, check, Triumphant, check..." Come the fuck on maaaan. This is that ringtone rap shit. "Why?" You say to me. Because, this shit has as much shelf life as...naw fuck this. This aint even ringtone rap. This shit has a shelf life of 3 hours when yer homie skater, skimboarding, wall-climbing friend has on the new Couture or whatever the fuck. I mean son! Are you serious. This is valley girl rap. This is the shit AC Slater used to bump while bench pressing stacks of playgirl magazines. This shit is Bayside whackness. But***** anyways. The beat. Thats why the fuck I'm posting this shit. Whoever made the beat better have ill crates. Cuz, I got that hot ass sample and I flipped it too. AND BELIEVE ME MY DUDE AP GONNA MURK IT WAY ILLER THAN THIS DUDE... 

So u nuts and chews out there go head and tell me which you like better. Mine or his.

Mine isnt mixed and its straight out the MPC.
Fashawns is mixed but its got his whack lyrics drippin all over it! 

09 Buyers Guide - Fashawn

clockin dough new - J-$crilla

OH, AND BLOGGER NOTE: I don't wanna get yall up and misinterperating things over here.. I fucks with the yungins on some of these tapes. I fucks with some of em. But you gotta spit. I heard cats in tight jeans flowing. I aint mad at that. I get heated when cats who are straight corn come out and use hip-hop as their platform and fuck it all up. You know we all got our own style. You clowns who think you gotta rock yer weeks paycheck on yer every outfit are crazy. Originality gotta still count for something. I mean I rock Stussy.. I rock sum 10 Deep, etc.. But, do you know? Do you? I dont think so..Im not even gonna go back to the surf clothes with yall... Just dont go out biting my blue blockers! i been rockin them for years. all different sizes sun. $10. And, I dont know Fashawn from Ned Flanders but my dude! This is the first song I hear from you...and this is what I get? Not a good look. At all. I mean unless these companies are endorsing you, i dont condone dropping all the brands in you n your homies closets. I dunno, maybe I'm bein too hard on homie. It's late. I'm hungry. I hear one of my coveted samples flipped..and the song is weak. Anyways, I'm goin to bed

My Homie Eleete With Busta

This is how it goes down... My dude eleete recording Busta in a hotel for what is now the smash em off hit "Arab Money"... I'm just tryin to get some bench warmer money.. holla

Wednesday, November 12, 2008




MMIM: Tell me about your start in the music business and the songs you have appeared on.

KB: The first actual release I was ever on came out in 2002 and was called “Pressure Points”. It was released by Guns and Butter who I am still very closely associated with today as part of InterLoop Records. Funny thing about that was I recorded a verse over the phone while I was in jail. It wound up making the last track on the album. K-Beta live rapping through the phone. I didn’t get out until 2004. Then on the proper side of things, the first actual CD release was with the Thundercats CD called, “In the Beginning.” We released it in 2004 and sold a couple thousand copies. It was a great time recording that. We did the entire recording in Chantilly, VA at Overock’s mother’s house. The whole ground work and grassroots process was great.....


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Katt Williams "Gangsta Tigers"

Katt Williams compares Tigers in a cage to Blacks in a America...did he just say "Blacks"? Hmmphmm. Sorry, African-Americans..What? I mean, uh, people of color. What? You callin me Persian? Ughh. What you got against uh Persian People? Nothin. Man. Nothin. Damn. Can everybody just have a mixed baby like me? This race shit gotta end...

Anyways, peep the funny fucking video

Public $ervice Announcement- Networking 101

U know some people ask me if I have a manager or who I know and all this shit. I hear "yo, scrilla in the industry" & "scrilla gettin all these placements" hahahaha..NOT TRUE. I do everything on my own. I got a bunch of good friends who may or maynot help me sometimes. Truth is- I get my connections by helping others who can help me out...So, when people come around and are like, "Yo can you get my beats to so and so.." or "you can u get a beat from so and so for this project.." The answer is, "WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME?" Of course I will help you out but maybe you can shoot me a video or design me a flyer or hit me with that drum kit.. You feel me? This is just basic networking 101 people. I'm not the most friendly people person and truth be told- I'm not the best at networking with even my network. But, the people who make music that are genuine- I always get along with well. So, no I'm not an industry dude and if you've known me long enough or prolly even short enough, you'd know that I'm pretty much anti- everything that's popular. That's since elementary school. I don't know why but I always got along better with the "real" people and usually the popular girls snuck around with me because I wasnt feeding into the bullshit.. So I will help you to the best of my abilities if you will help me to the best of yours. Thanks and this has been a Public $ervice Announcement

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My dude T.E.F.L.O.N. sent me this from his artist...havent heard it yet as i jus got it. but i did a track with ep, tef and reef for the rigamortis album dropping next year...1


This is a project that really has been years in the making, but now the time is right. Some of you may have heard Ep before but this is a proper introduction to an emcee thats been quietly doing his thing in the DMV for some time now, he's also 1/2 of the group Rigamortiz. I can promise you that this is one of the hardest tapes, street albums, etc. to ever drop in the D.C. area or maybe even in hip-hop in general. Also a special shout out to our boy Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97/Juan Epstein for being part of this project.



Saturday, November 8, 2008

14KT Makes A Beat And If You're A Producer...

I have actually tried a few times doing something similar but ain't nothing come out sounding like this!!! Hahahaha. I love the creativeness. Dude is from Detroit, I think he won Red Bull Big Tune in Detroit.

Chief Kamachi On TEK TV

Kamachi a good dude. Apathy dont want it with him... LOL. I'm a go out on a limb and say there may be more drama within this camp pretty soon, stay tuned....

Occult Secrets?

I dunno..I personally think they're just infatuated with Freemasonry and its crossed over into their art..whatch yall think?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

K-Beta "Max EP" Free Download

K-Beta | The Max EP

Inner Loop Records presents: K-Beta | The Max EP, a collection of songs from the past 3 years. This street author laces beats by producers such as Overok, J-$crilla, Team Demo & Soundtraxx. These recordings are the prerequisite to the upcoming DJ Alizay & K-Beta mixtape. K-Beta is not only one of the DMV's most profound artists, he is also one of the best lyricists in the nation. Download this EP and bump it on the way to the polls!


1. Max Intro (Produced by J-$crilla)
2. I'm Bleeding (Produced by Team Demo)
3. Live Illegal (Produced by Chop-La-Rok & J-$crilla)
4. Self Control (Produced by Overok)
5. Superman 2 ft. J-$crilla (Produced by J-$crilla)
6. Simply (Produced by Overok)

Click the cover to download.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


i just moved all weekend. i built more ikea shit/guitar center shit. i gotta return some shit cuz of faulty bullshit. case in point, i built this fuckin audio desk from guitar center. i crafted it to perfection and this motherfuckin wheel explodes today while im reconfiguring my midi setups! wtf! now i gotta put a book under the joint. shit was less than 24 hours built! but, these motherfuckers aint gonna come rebuild the shit for me. id have to break the shit down- return it, get a truck and then rebuild it! fuck outta here. i dunno...

anyways, the countdown to arma-fuckin-geddon looms and i guess everybody with some sense has to know that if barack hussein obama doesnt win then theres gonna be a fuckin riot. me- im goin grocery shoppin. holla at the God. fuck gettin caught up in a race war. my world would be fucked up! lol. no for real LOL! If obama does win then the fuckin christainteers will be out burning abortion clinics, spray painting swastikas and burning crosses! yea! kill whitey! kill blacky! kill what yer not!

for real, i like barack. i dont like the near socialistic plans- i mean yo, the emergency room sucks balls now. imagine that shit on govt health care! ha! fuck that. and, being a part time govt contractor i see the trickle down bureacratic bullshit on the regular. that shit would take 5 years minimum to install. then, all the fuckin taxes! boooo.

and mccain? well, c'mon. i wouldnt vote for a dude i cant high five. u gotta be shittin me. now this guy seems like he is running to be president cuz his wife got him by the balls. he doesnt act or seem presidential and for real, hes prolly a decent dude. he aint one of those down south republicans. he is moderate. his campaign blows balls. they went negative etc. i mean he never had a chance especially after he gotta hold of that GILFer from alaska. i mean mccain will die in office while president. so, u know, fuck the bullshit.

bottom line- govt sucks. old skool republicans had it right- let the states govern not the feds. fuck the feds!. people like reagan n the bushers fucked it up bad. democrats are good but they fuck up small business owners like a lot of us hip-hopreneurs. i mean, im all for people with less gettin some programs, getting some kickback, etc. i dont like hungry poor people roaming my streets. why? cuz hungry people are the most dangerous people. republican nazis dont realize that.

anyways, im rambling. i got something else.. what if barack is put in office by the all mighty (if u dont like conspiracies then stop reading, im full of em.) i mean dude is a 32nd or 33rd degree mason. he has ties. no fuckin way anybody gets to run for president w/o the right friends. he may not be on strings (like bush) but he has a lot to own up to. first off, hes black! news flash right?! but, for real- old, white, rich people dont like black people telling them what tghe fuck to do. its the american way. so, how does a black (half white, too) man get to run for the head executive office of the worlds premiere powerhouse?

*drum roll*

now remember this is just a conspiracy, and i hope to God im so incorrect. and i know people have said, "what if he gets in office and he gets assasinated?" well, my brothers and my sisters- thats only skin deep

what if he has been put in position to be elected president because THEY ultimately wanna create marshall law, then a world economy then finally put in to effect a new world order?!

u see.. the thinking goes...... i put obama in position to run in primaries after we set him up 4 yrs ago to deliver ridiculously charming speech at democratic convention. people under 40 have much more open minds- they were born during the summer of love or later. we can get an influx of young voters because they wanna be a part of history, vote for a black president. throw a slogan of CHANGE up until it brainwashes most moderates, liberals, democrats and general bush haters. we sink a fuckin fortune into tv ads, infomercials, pamphlets, etc to spread the message. we have record numbers of volunteers. booom. baaaam.

now we have a peer pressure type of thing going on among smart, educated people that trickles down to family and friends. now u vote for obama. ok. he wins. BAM. he gets inagurated. then- BOOM. a "terrorist" attacks. the people turn on barack hussein obama. some knucklehead shoots obama. kills obama. now- u gotta lotta pissed off smart people. the smart, liberal, educated, open mined people are fighting the dumb, stuck-in-their ways, bible thumping ignoramuses. the blacks are fighting the whites. the latinos are fighting blacks. everybodys killing middle easterners and asians. now we have an all out civil fuckin war.

but, this aint yer old fashion 1863 civil war. no no no. this aint a african civil war. this aint a palestine vs the jews thing. this is America. the home of mega-weapons, all walks of life, the most powerful, the rich stupid people! this is the land that would have a juducial body rule marshall law (thanks bush) and rebellion would be swift.

the current economic scene plays perfectly in their created plan as the "world" economy is in full swing. soon, the g7 will run it all.

basically, i hope obama wins smoothly. i hope he helps out poor people (he ONLY speaks about middle class) and i hope he doesnt get assassinated.

Good luck and get groceries!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Smif-N-Wessun x Methods Clothing

Bucktown USA Entertainment and Methods NYC Clothing Announce the Release of “Welcome To Bucktown” a Limited Edition T-shirt Line and Digital Album

Pre-Orders Start Today

Brooklyn, NY--October 30, 2008

Bucktown USA Entertainment and Methods NYC clothing will release the official “Welcome to Bucktown” Digital Album T-shirt collection on November 28, 2008. The line will feature 3 men’s and 2 women’s limited edition T-shirts. Each shirt will include an exclusive “Welcome to Bucktown” digital album available for free download thru Disc Revolt technology. Each design is limited to 200 pieces and will be available at select retailers, as well as at Methods NYC and Bucktown USA Entertainment.

General Steele Presents: Welcome To Bucktown is the first official release on the Bucktown USA Imprint, and delivers some of Bucktown's finest emcees such as: Boot Camp Clik, Shabaam Sahdeeq of Polyrhythm Addicts, Stormey of the Outlawz, Smoothe Da Hustler, and Trigger Tha Gambler. The album features production by Ayatollah, DJ Revolution, J Scrilla, and hot newcomers Che TRIUMPH & 7ven H.D.

The “Welcome to Bucktown” project came into fruition over the Summer of '08 when two independent Brooklyn Movements teamed up to push their culture to the next level by combining skills in their respective fields. Methods Clothing and Bucktown USA Entertainment are two companies that have been trailblazers over the years, supporting all of the culture all of the time. This is the lifestyle. This is Planet Bucktown.

Methods Clothing has been a forerunner in the NYC Hip Hop Scene for years. Established in 2004, they have pushed the artwork of leading artists from around the world on their apparel for nearly half a decade. Known as a movement rather than simply a clothing brand, the company has also been responsible for legendary showcases in the city featuring acts such as Afrika Bambaataa, Jeru the Damaja, Keith Murray, Heltah Skeltah, Nice n Smooth, Black Sheep, Sadat X, Group Home, DJ HYPE, and countless others. Methods recently opened its first retail location at 162 Huron St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

About Bucktown USA Entertainment - Bucktown USA Entertainment is a full service media company which services encompass music, broadcast, and film productions. Since 2004 the BTU team has released several independent projects including biographical documentaries “Behind The Moon” and “The Passion of Price” distributed through Duck Down Records. In 2007 their acclaimed Television show, “Bucktown USA TV” was picked up by the SandBox TV Network for online distribution at Bucktown USA TV.


Check out a song I produced for Boston MC Amadeus ft. Staik Selektah's artist Reks. This joint was MP3 of the week in Boston paper this week.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On top of all that bizness...

...I found out last week I'm having a baby BOY! Any suggestions on names?!!!!! MARCH 28TH it's Going DOWN!


This music game is completely crazy right now! Anyways, this is just a lil update for sum people. I'm currently working on a shitload of projects. Here's a rundown...

1.K-Beta. Inner Loop Records is dropping The Maxx EP Wednesday Oct 29. It's a free download blog jawnt. It's just to keep the people wet until the DJ Alizay/K-Beta mixtape drops next month and the album drops in the first quarter next year. I just got done mixing a joint for K-Beta's record that features Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze and V Nux. Joint is bonkers! Also, just got back the best K-Beta track EVER! My dude Scott Stallone, who is vicious with the mixes, just sent it over 2 nights ago and it is a joint we are shooting a mini-movie to. It's called "Life Of cRhyme" and it's the most vivid explanation of Beta's life since he got out of jail in 2004. Also, the Overok produced D.C. posse cut ft. Ra The Mc, XO, Southeast Slim, Laelo Hood, AP, & Tabi Bonney will be on that mixtape- that shit is dope. If you are reading this and still don't know who K-Beta is...peep


2.Bloodsport. dude is the truth. He's from Hunting Park in North Philly. He's done a whole album with Tragedy Khadafi. I've been working with him since 2004 when I actually met him while in the studio with Tragedy. He has a new album coming next year on Starrblazz Records/?????? He has recently dropped "Stay Back" ft. Styles P and produced by The Runnerz and "Put Your Paper On It" featuring Rick Ross also produced by The Runnerz. His album "Prepare For The Worst Pray For The Best" ft. all production by J-$crilla & Chop-La-rok of Guns-N-Butter, The Runnerz & MegaHertz. He's got a joint we did featuring Hell Rell that's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Click here to jump on the Bloodsport bandwagon

Also here's Raise The Hammer 3 that came out almost 2 years ago. He's all over this joint (joints that say Starrblazz and Bloodsport)...

3.Reef The Lost Cauze. Guns-N-Butter produced the entire Reef the Lost Cauze album "Fight Music" which features Big Noyd, Slaine (LCN,) King Magnetic, Bloodsport, K-Beta & Akir. IT's mixed/mastered and we're just finishing up some paperwork and videos and waiting for "Vicious Cycle" to do what it do. The album is nuts and it's 11 joints thick making you want more. Reef is currently on tour with Jedi Mind Tricks & Outerspace so check him out. Tha album "Fight Music" should be out Jan/Feb next year on Inner Loop Records/???????

CLICK HERE to get more of REEF

4.AP. Adam (government time) has been making noise in the DMV for a few years and he's The Prince Of The Middle East. He recently has made serious noise while being featured on and deemed a future Hall of Famer by none other than former A&R for Atlantic- Sickamore. He has a mixtape with Commonwealth/Stussy dropping soon and a Don Cannon joint dropping ASAP. Best thing is....Inner Loop Records is producing an entire album with the next to blow from The DMV! Check out AP as his first national single drops next Tuesday...


5.Ra The MC. I'm lacing Ra with a couple joints for her first project. I think it's coming out on the new distrobution channel. Ra was demo of the month a few months ago and has a solid mixtape out "A Mixtape About Something." She's collaborated with sum good people and her rep is getting very BIG right now. She's one of the dopest females poppin right now. Top 3 easily. Period.


6.SMIF-N-WESSUN. Yep, those dudes. I got some shit me n Steele are working on. He sposed to send me a joint he just did with Smooth The Hustler and Big Trig over one of my jawns. He's dropping a new digital album at the end of year and he's breaking off some new clothing company. You also may have heard Heltah Skeltah's album "D.I.R.T." I did "APE MUSIC" on there with StU Bangas.

7.Kevlaar 7. He's from the group The Wisemen. They dropped an album last year on Babygrande Records. He's Bronze Nazareth's brother and he's fuckING ill. Rza co-signed and he's working on the new EPMD project too. I got some heat with him and rumor has it that from DEAD PREZ will be on one of the tracks I did.

8.William Cooper. i met will cooper back in 2002 when I was Hi-C and he was Booth. He was working with Tragedy. He produced a bunch of shit for Trag actually. His production is sick. He hasnt been makin many beats lately but he is dropping his solo album soon. It has Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Timbo King, Blue Raspberry, Bloodsport, Bronze & Kevlaar on it. Me & chops did 4-5 beats on that record. Cooper and I have been thru a lot. That's my ace right there. He was at my crib in uptown on Georgia in b/w Kennedy and Jefferson while I was at work when someone broke in! haha. Check his video out...

9.J-$crilla. That's me! I got a secret project I'm working on that is gonna be crazy... I've already started it and only 1 soul knows about it. ME! I'll let yall in on that later...

10.Sketch. Me & Sketch have a new album dropping next year. We are kinda getting into it heavy right now. sketch was "Unsigned Hype" in the Source last year. He's straight up the most potent lyricist in Virginia (well, him & Beta.) He dropped an album last year called "Ill" and it featured Illa Ghee, Trife The God and some others. Our album will have some flavoristic appearances by some ill dudes. Check my fellow Acura TL driving brethren HERE

11.King Magnetic. This 6 foot 10 giant is dropping his debut album next year. He is a member of The Army Of The Pharoahs and a mainstay. He has a mixtape put out with Shadyville and DJ Woogie. He has a number of albums and mixtapes he's recently dropped. He grinds heavy and is a strong arming rapper. HAHA. He'll get someone to do a show with him in allentown, PA (where he stays) and hold him hostage til they record like 6 songs!!! lol. He's a beast on the mic. I think one of the tracks i'm doing for his album is going to have AZ on it. He'll also be on the $crilla/$ketch album. Check him here.

12.Ankh Amen Ra. My dude Ra is the fuckING truth!!!! He is the future fresh king of the 2050 maybauch zoot suit. He just dropped "The Awakening" - I produced 7 or 8 joints on that. We did "Yes We Can" about Obama and it had the internet going nuts over the summer. He's working on 2 new EPs. One entirely produced by me and one entirely produced by Judah. Watch out. He's also the voice of Read his journal and download his album HERE

13.Guns-N-Butter Presents "RAISE THE HAMMER VOL. 4". StU Bangas, Chop-La-Rok & J-$crilla will be dropping that in 2009 or as soon as Chops touches down from his bid. At the top of this post I put up Vol. 3 DatPiff player. I gotta put up Vol. 1 hosted by Nature and Vol. 2 as well.

14.INNER LOOP RECORDS. We are doing the monthly BEATDOWN- the ONLY Producer Showcase in DC. We are developing into a functional label with Reef, K-Beta and AP releases soon to come. We are strategically placing ourselves within the The DMV and World to make sure our talents are super-imposed on teachers butt cheeks all over the GLOBE!!!!!mwhahahahahahahaha.

15.Laelo Hood. Funny how I ran into dude after so many years. we been workin a lot lately. He has a crazy album bout to drop. I did a joint called "Preach" that is undeniable and DJ G.I. Joe is doing the cuts on that one. We gonna be doing a lot more work soon. Check him out here

Maaaaaaan. There's a lot more tracks I'm getting placed and such but I'm done for now. I got joints on Slaine's albums/mixtapes, Doap Nixon's joint, shit with Cassidy, JR Writer, Illanoise, V Nuckles (MY DUDE!!!,) Amadeus's joint (one featuring Statik Selektah's artist REKS,) and much more...I'm GAAAAAAWWWWWWWN

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Credit Due

So, I recently did a track on Heltah Skeltah's "D.I.R.T." record and my name appears as a co-producer (I was in fact not co-producer..Stu and I made the track together) deep in the credits on the hardcopy. My dude Stu Bangas name appears next to the track all big and bold and on all the press releases and such. One may wonder... Well, his manager got us the placement and he looked out for his client rather than me. It's O-K! Karma tends to have my back...

On another, bigger note-I was reading hiphopupdate and saw that Ch-Lo the producer had a similar situation with "A-Millie" ala Lil Wayne and Bangledesh...

Check out the entire story here...

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My homie Head-Roc Celebrates Colombus Day!

Note: Chris Colombus and his cohorts were all butt pirates as well as regular pirates

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yer Girls Favorite Mixtape- J-$crilla

This is the mixtape every guy needs to hit his girl off with. Funk, soul, r&b, hip-hop and international pop bless this mixtape with seemless mixing by yours truly, J-$crilla. Enjoy and spread the word.

Yer Girls Favorite Mixtape

Saturday, October 11, 2008 about the story with Mike Tyson and Bloodsport

Mike Tyson


...ima keep yall in suspense a lil longer. Maybe itll make u knuckleheads check back n tell a friend to tell a friend about this blog