Sunday, November 16, 2008


You know maaaaaaaan, I gotta get somethin off the S on the chest.. I downloaded Mick Boogie's "Leaders Of The New Kool" the other day and got around to listening anf first off, its got a bunch of nerdy scenesters rapping about what they wear (which i the idea of the "tape" i think.) Case in point... This dude Fashawn. This song comes on and right away I'm like "Holy Moly!" I dunno who produced the song but..hold up! The dude Fashawn is straight rapping about what he wears the whole song. Like, just jive blatant "10 Deep, check, LRG, check...Supreme, check, Zoo York, check, Triumphant, check..." Come the fuck on maaaan. This is that ringtone rap shit. "Why?" You say to me. Because, this shit has as much shelf life as...naw fuck this. This aint even ringtone rap. This shit has a shelf life of 3 hours when yer homie skater, skimboarding, wall-climbing friend has on the new Couture or whatever the fuck. I mean son! Are you serious. This is valley girl rap. This is the shit AC Slater used to bump while bench pressing stacks of playgirl magazines. This shit is Bayside whackness. But***** anyways. The beat. Thats why the fuck I'm posting this shit. Whoever made the beat better have ill crates. Cuz, I got that hot ass sample and I flipped it too. AND BELIEVE ME MY DUDE AP GONNA MURK IT WAY ILLER THAN THIS DUDE... 

So u nuts and chews out there go head and tell me which you like better. Mine or his.

Mine isnt mixed and its straight out the MPC.
Fashawns is mixed but its got his whack lyrics drippin all over it! 

09 Buyers Guide - Fashawn

clockin dough new - J-$crilla

OH, AND BLOGGER NOTE: I don't wanna get yall up and misinterperating things over here.. I fucks with the yungins on some of these tapes. I fucks with some of em. But you gotta spit. I heard cats in tight jeans flowing. I aint mad at that. I get heated when cats who are straight corn come out and use hip-hop as their platform and fuck it all up. You know we all got our own style. You clowns who think you gotta rock yer weeks paycheck on yer every outfit are crazy. Originality gotta still count for something. I mean I rock Stussy.. I rock sum 10 Deep, etc.. But, do you know? Do you? I dont think so..Im not even gonna go back to the surf clothes with yall... Just dont go out biting my blue blockers! i been rockin them for years. all different sizes sun. $10. And, I dont know Fashawn from Ned Flanders but my dude! This is the first song I hear from you...and this is what I get? Not a good look. At all. I mean unless these companies are endorsing you, i dont condone dropping all the brands in you n your homies closets. I dunno, maybe I'm bein too hard on homie. It's late. I'm hungry. I hear one of my coveted samples flipped..and the song is weak. Anyways, I'm goin to bed

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T.E.F.L.O.N. said...

fuck a.c. slater, i'm still the zack morris of rap...