Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ultimate Emcee Battle R-R-R-Rap Up

Maaaan, I never heard so many people say last night was the "best MC battle I ever saw." Real talk. And, speaking of Real Talk- it was a close one between Real Talk and K-Beta in the quaterfinals. In fact, K-Beta's first two opponents- Yung Cat and Real Talk were his toughest competitors along the way to his eventual winning of the Second Ultimate Emcee Challenge.

The emcees were out last night, and I have one demanding suggestion for the next battle- you have to have some sort of loser bracket that gets you back in because I saw cats like Chuck Book, K.I., Young Cat, Real Talk, Dilligent and more lose early and by the closest of margins and I felt like they could have had another chance especially, when a midget in "the crow" jacket is battling the poker rapper! LOL. And, if you were there you know what I'm talkin bout. Them dudes shouldnt have been able to advance anywhere. In fact, Seez Mics battling that Chris "Moneymaker" look-a-like was plain RIDICULOUS!

Speaking of Seez Mics! WTF! He was running thru his competition and looked to be on his way to his umpteenth battle championship. Many people think he got robbed. Now, many of you know that me and Beta go way back, but, what you don't know is that I known Seez just as long and these two battling it out in the semi-finals was revenge and it got a lil personal. (Many of the battles got a lil personal for real. lol) Seez beat Beta the weekend Beta got outta jail in 2004 (after a 3 1/2 year bid) and it was not just a win, it was an utter slaying..Well, this time around Beta got a lil help from the crowd and pushed the battle into overtime for a third round. And Beta served Seez.

The semi-finals also featured the old vet Slim Cee battling Sketch and after Slim was out anhilating his foe all night, he met his match against Sketch. Sketch had his best round in this battle and straight mAErked Slim. It wasnt even funny.

The finals shaped up as a Black Irish championship with the two group members going head to head. K-Beta versus Sketch. Well, it wasnt much of a battle as Sketch went first and had a little more hesitant approach against Beta. Cause when Beta went in... he took shots calling Sketch his hype man and all types of other shit. Don't worry videotape will be up soon.

All in all, this was the best battle I can ever remember seeing. I mean you had Whitefolkz, Chuck Book, Real Talk, Chaos, Seez Mics, Flex Matthews, K-Beta, Sketch, Dilligent, Slim Cee, K.I., and a bunch more who impressed. The battles were hittin from the jump and I look forward to the next joint in March. In the meantime make sure you mark your calendars for Jan. 16 for the "King Of The Beltway Beat Battle" also at Jammin Java and for Jan 26 at Pure for the relaunch of Tru Skool with almost every dope emcee in the area having a giant cipher. Gonna be crazy!!!

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