Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yo My girl got selected for jury duty and she got assigned to a trial. She's a contractor for 2 TV stations, meaning she's not an employee. So, she has to work this trial til it's over and only make $30 a day (which is sposed to be for lunch.) For real, that's some straight bullshit!!!!!!!!!! She has to take off work and not get fucking paid for at least a week! In this fuckin day and age!. And who gonna have to foot the bill? You already know. I told her I wouldn't go. I'd go up there and tell em to fuck off. I'd say some racist shit or some fat joke shit or whatever the fuck could get me outta there. but, she's afraid she'll get locked up and shit...Fuck that. Fuck jury duty. Just another way the motherfuckin courts are all fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Irvine Engineer said...

They don't know she
received the letter.

Also, she can't be
enslaved by the state;
they can only request
her participation
(to guarantee the accused;
she's under no obligation
becaues of the the
state's obligation for
a jury).

No slavery, no conscription, no illegal

Read the constitution.

If you do go, look up