Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ultimate Emcee Battle R-R-R-Rap Up

Maaaan, I never heard so many people say last night was the "best MC battle I ever saw." Real talk. And, speaking of Real Talk- it was a close one between Real Talk and K-Beta in the quaterfinals. In fact, K-Beta's first two opponents- Yung Cat and Real Talk were his toughest competitors along the way to his eventual winning of the Second Ultimate Emcee Challenge.

The emcees were out last night, and I have one demanding suggestion for the next battle- you have to have some sort of loser bracket that gets you back in because I saw cats like Chuck Book, K.I., Young Cat, Real Talk, Dilligent and more lose early and by the closest of margins and I felt like they could have had another chance especially, when a midget in "the crow" jacket is battling the poker rapper! LOL. And, if you were there you know what I'm talkin bout. Them dudes shouldnt have been able to advance anywhere. In fact, Seez Mics battling that Chris "Moneymaker" look-a-like was plain RIDICULOUS!

Speaking of Seez Mics! WTF! He was running thru his competition and looked to be on his way to his umpteenth battle championship. Many people think he got robbed. Now, many of you know that me and Beta go way back, but, what you don't know is that I known Seez just as long and these two battling it out in the semi-finals was revenge and it got a lil personal. (Many of the battles got a lil personal for real. lol) Seez beat Beta the weekend Beta got outta jail in 2004 (after a 3 1/2 year bid) and it was not just a win, it was an utter slaying..Well, this time around Beta got a lil help from the crowd and pushed the battle into overtime for a third round. And Beta served Seez.

The semi-finals also featured the old vet Slim Cee battling Sketch and after Slim was out anhilating his foe all night, he met his match against Sketch. Sketch had his best round in this battle and straight mAErked Slim. It wasnt even funny.

The finals shaped up as a Black Irish championship with the two group members going head to head. K-Beta versus Sketch. Well, it wasnt much of a battle as Sketch went first and had a little more hesitant approach against Beta. Cause when Beta went in... he took shots calling Sketch his hype man and all types of other shit. Don't worry videotape will be up soon.

All in all, this was the best battle I can ever remember seeing. I mean you had Whitefolkz, Chuck Book, Real Talk, Chaos, Seez Mics, Flex Matthews, K-Beta, Sketch, Dilligent, Slim Cee, K.I., and a bunch more who impressed. The battles were hittin from the jump and I look forward to the next joint in March. In the meantime make sure you mark your calendars for Jan. 16 for the "King Of The Beltway Beat Battle" also at Jammin Java and for Jan 26 at Pure for the relaunch of Tru Skool with almost every dope emcee in the area having a giant cipher. Gonna be crazy!!!

King Of The Beltway

Guns-N-Butter Gets Dissed By Old MGR?! WTF?!

Some of my people just put me on to this disrespectful blog my a former friend and Guns-N-Butter assistant...I guess hes mad that he couldnt get any free beats! WOW! Yer such a dick riding gump. #1 he never managed us! hahaha. #2 he never got us any beat placements. hahahaha. #3 he says he hooked us up with p-cutta hahahahaha.maaaan, im not even gonna address this fuckin nonsense. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. check him out... he goes by kiko on myspace. you can friend request him HERE! tell him guns-n-butter sends theyre love

Friday, June 27, 2008

Street market ent
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there is a team out there right now making music can u guess who? everyone is!! these days in time there are so many wanna be music producers rappers etc..,but there is a dim light that is startin to brighten up in the A. lemme explain b4 i go on, i have managed several artists from producers to rappers. There attitudes are very different, believe it or not.but we are talkin bout producers, my first experience with producers besides my own team, was guns n butter, a white dude and an indian, weird combo right and u thought tha these dudes would listen but they always try to grab any oppertunity and didn't care of the consequence, i showed them the way they were lost b4 they hooked up with and if they say any different, it is what it is, I hooked them up with P-cutta and the crew they didn't know any better and i had to vouch for them on several occassions not trying to tute my on horn but i did lead them the way, they okay dudes but they are stubborn as a fuck and there beats are samples, sampled beats sound great but no nononononono money!! So with guns n butter had set up tracks done with nore, nature,tragedy khadafi, and others but they can't play keys, and can't create a beat from scratch, they attempted 2 but wackness!!!
STREET MARKET is a young crew of producers who actually know how to create a beat from scratch, they sample there own live drums etc... can't give all the secrets. Brie is a producer from fla and he is from the carribean thats why he got so much rythm behind his shit, afriken iz african and he is a monster on the drums. THey do it all, they are geniuses at pro tools, and they have great ears. Ed is the operations of the crew so get at them they got heat, and if u remember the record tat it up, thats them they got plenty of great hits, they done shit with jeezy, blood raw just to name a few. They are so good they got a rapper named trouble a writers deal with atlantic these guys are buzzin and if u aint careful they will sting ya. These guys listen to what u want and they give u what u need. they are being push by SG, simon gidewon who has been hated on and dogged out so many times that i lost count. Simon G is misunderstood and he is generally refered as ALEX LIL BROTHER which is true, he is his younger brother but he his ALEX'S brother first off, so respect his grind and he will reciprocate the respect. U can hate on these guys if u want but in the end u will wish u dealt with them from the jump, Simon and his team have been thru alot of shit and they are still going thru it but like a great team they always come thru in the clutch, from from hiphop, rap, r&B, and world music these guys got it.I have been round alot of great producers such as mannie fresh, nitty, polow the don, and many others but these guys the industry better watch out for cuz they street market monsters. PLEASE don't ask for free beats cuz free doesnt pay bills and they way beyond that lvl, LETS GET IT YYYYEEAAAAHHHHHH


this is the level u stoop to?! it took someone 5 months to find this blog and it got no responses on yer page.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Check my blogs and the whole DMV movement over at

Click the pic to check it out..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

TOP 10 DMV MCs/Producers

So, it's the end of the year... Everyone gonna post their favorite songs, favorite clubs, mcs, producers, trends, clothes, models, etc.. If you know me then you know I would never do such a trendy thing. Right? Well, you're kinda wrong and kinda right. I'm gonna post the ten best DMV mcs and producers and not care what yall think...Enjoy n leave some feedback. But, dont throw stones at my crib please

Producers. (excluding me!)

Kev Brown
Mark Henry
Team Demo
Bad Abbot


Ra The MC
Laelo Hood
Kingpin Slim

Thats my list and Im not sticking to it... but its not bad. I need to hear more Lyriciss, Kaimbr, Ken Starr, Shaka, Sheeba, Seez Mics, Ardamus, Nando McFly, Damu, TEFLON, Southeast Slim, AB The Producer, T2, Marky, Tabi, etc...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Rumored contestants... K-Beta, Slim Cee, Sketch, Dilligent (Last Winner,) Seez Mics, Flexx Matthews, Ardamus.... Should be a doozy!


Inner Loop Records Presents:

King of the Beltway Producer Battle

01.16.09 | Jammin Java (227 Maple Ave; Vienna, VA)

Prizes Include:

$300 (Winner)

$100 (Runner Up)

A feature and interview on

An email blast to 10,000+ DJ's from

3 Free web seminars from

A feature and interview from

A feature and interview from

A spot in the next Inner Loop Beatdown

Plus much more!

Submission Information:

All producers must submit:

-$20 to the Pay Pal link below (If you don't have Pay Pal, then let us know and you can accommodate you)

-3 Tracks, a photo, and contact information to


Battle information:

-Only the first PAYING 32 producers will be selected

-All producers will be judged by the crowd and a panel of industry representatives

-Any further information or questions can be directed to


Remix Magazine
Loud Records
Green Hitz Promotions
In The Know Seminars
For The DMV Only
Elite DC Magazine


Inner Loop Records
Strong Arm Entertainment
BetaRaz Entertainment

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008



Vote for K-Beta as BEST ARTIST, Inner Loop Records as BEST PARTY or BEST PROMOTER, J-$crilla or Overok as BEST PRODUCER

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bloodsport "BloodWork"

My dude Bloodsport is dropping that new Big Mike hosted Bloodsport "Bloodwork" mixtape very soon. Mad beats by myself and Chop-La-Rok...The joint features all of Bloodsport's best verses over the best 10 years. Songs he's done with Tragedy Khadafi, The Game, Nature, Capone, Starr Blazz and many much more...Shit gonna be crack!

George Bush Floats Like A Butterfly!

Welcome To Iraq Mu'Fucka!!!!!!!!!! Haha.

"This is a faiwell kiss Dog!" "This is an example of free speech and democracy."--- Words from the shoe hurler...

"I'm Alright, I'm alright. All I can report is it is a size 10!" Hahahhahahahaha. Bush got jokes....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Vanderslice "Just Me N My Beaks" Winter Mix

CLICK HERE for Vanderslice new (i think first) breaks tape..Definitely recommended.

P.S. Dont jack any samples off of break mixtapes dickheads

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dolphins On The Move

Awwwwww!!! The lowly Redskins are 7-6 and the mighty Dolphins are 8-5. HAHAHAHA

Thursday, December 4, 2008

K-Beta "I Read" Live on PBS

This is from 2006. Me n Beta woke up early to hit the PBS station and he performed this live. Produced by Sleep Hollow...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My brother Doug sent me this...crazy.

I came across a story today about Monster Cables. Apparently they sue everyone that uses the word monster. Their lawsuits include suing the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., the Chicago Bears for their use of the nickname "Monsters of the Midway", job board, Monster energy drink, and literally hundreds of small family owned businesses all for copyright infringement based on the use of the word monster.

Basically they just beat smaller companies down and force them into a settlement where the company has to pay licensing fees to Monster Cable for use of the word monster.

So basically they make well-marketed, over-hyped, overpriced audio and video cables and then own the naming rights to hundreds of products and companies.

I am kind of shocked that this is even legal. Why wouldn't a judge laugh them out of court? Copyright infringement is supposed to be for when a similar name might confuse consumers into buying another similar product. How the fuck have they taken ownership of a fucking word from the dictionary? Seriously?

Link for more details.

Anyone can help by not purchasing their products, writing letters, donating to the companies who are fighting them, or by personal finding the founder of Monster Cables, Noel Lee, and bitch slapping him.

Monday, December 1, 2008

K-Beta "Life Of CRhyme" Video Shoot

New video we shot all weekend. Produced by yours truly. Be on the look out for that