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Smif-N-Wessun x Methods Clothing

Bucktown USA Entertainment and Methods NYC Clothing Announce the Release of “Welcome To Bucktown” a Limited Edition T-shirt Line and Digital Album

Pre-Orders Start Today

Brooklyn, NY--October 30, 2008

Bucktown USA Entertainment and Methods NYC clothing will release the official “Welcome to Bucktown” Digital Album T-shirt collection on November 28, 2008. The line will feature 3 men’s and 2 women’s limited edition T-shirts. Each shirt will include an exclusive “Welcome to Bucktown” digital album available for free download thru Disc Revolt technology. Each design is limited to 200 pieces and will be available at select retailers, as well as at Methods NYC and Bucktown USA Entertainment.

General Steele Presents: Welcome To Bucktown is the first official release on the Bucktown USA Imprint, and delivers some of Bucktown's finest emcees such as: Boot Camp Clik, Shabaam Sahdeeq of Polyrhythm Addicts, Stormey of the Outlawz, Smoothe Da Hustler, and Trigger Tha Gambler. The album features production by Ayatollah, DJ Revolution, J Scrilla, and hot newcomers Che TRIUMPH & 7ven H.D.

The “Welcome to Bucktown” project came into fruition over the Summer of '08 when two independent Brooklyn Movements teamed up to push their culture to the next level by combining skills in their respective fields. Methods Clothing and Bucktown USA Entertainment are two companies that have been trailblazers over the years, supporting all of the culture all of the time. This is the lifestyle. This is Planet Bucktown.

Methods Clothing has been a forerunner in the NYC Hip Hop Scene for years. Established in 2004, they have pushed the artwork of leading artists from around the world on their apparel for nearly half a decade. Known as a movement rather than simply a clothing brand, the company has also been responsible for legendary showcases in the city featuring acts such as Afrika Bambaataa, Jeru the Damaja, Keith Murray, Heltah Skeltah, Nice n Smooth, Black Sheep, Sadat X, Group Home, DJ HYPE, and countless others. Methods recently opened its first retail location at 162 Huron St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

About Bucktown USA Entertainment - Bucktown USA Entertainment is a full service media company which services encompass music, broadcast, and film productions. Since 2004 the BTU team has released several independent projects including biographical documentaries “Behind The Moon” and “The Passion of Price” distributed through Duck Down Records. In 2007 their acclaimed Television show, “Bucktown USA TV” was picked up by the SandBox TV Network for online distribution at Bucktown USA TV.


Check out a song I produced for Boston MC Amadeus ft. Staik Selektah's artist Reks. This joint was MP3 of the week in Boston paper this week.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On top of all that bizness...

...I found out last week I'm having a baby BOY! Any suggestions on names?!!!!! MARCH 28TH it's Going DOWN!


This music game is completely crazy right now! Anyways, this is just a lil update for sum people. I'm currently working on a shitload of projects. Here's a rundown...

1.K-Beta. Inner Loop Records is dropping The Maxx EP Wednesday Oct 29. It's a free download blog jawnt. It's just to keep the people wet until the DJ Alizay/K-Beta mixtape drops next month and the album drops in the first quarter next year. I just got done mixing a joint for K-Beta's record that features Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze and V Nux. Joint is bonkers! Also, just got back the best K-Beta track EVER! My dude Scott Stallone, who is vicious with the mixes, just sent it over 2 nights ago and it is a joint we are shooting a mini-movie to. It's called "Life Of cRhyme" and it's the most vivid explanation of Beta's life since he got out of jail in 2004. Also, the Overok produced D.C. posse cut ft. Ra The Mc, XO, Southeast Slim, Laelo Hood, AP, & Tabi Bonney will be on that mixtape- that shit is dope. If you are reading this and still don't know who K-Beta is...peep


2.Bloodsport. dude is the truth. He's from Hunting Park in North Philly. He's done a whole album with Tragedy Khadafi. I've been working with him since 2004 when I actually met him while in the studio with Tragedy. He has a new album coming next year on Starrblazz Records/?????? He has recently dropped "Stay Back" ft. Styles P and produced by The Runnerz and "Put Your Paper On It" featuring Rick Ross also produced by The Runnerz. His album "Prepare For The Worst Pray For The Best" ft. all production by J-$crilla & Chop-La-rok of Guns-N-Butter, The Runnerz & MegaHertz. He's got a joint we did featuring Hell Rell that's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Click here to jump on the Bloodsport bandwagon

Also here's Raise The Hammer 3 that came out almost 2 years ago. He's all over this joint (joints that say Starrblazz and Bloodsport)...

3.Reef The Lost Cauze. Guns-N-Butter produced the entire Reef the Lost Cauze album "Fight Music" which features Big Noyd, Slaine (LCN,) King Magnetic, Bloodsport, K-Beta & Akir. IT's mixed/mastered and we're just finishing up some paperwork and videos and waiting for "Vicious Cycle" to do what it do. The album is nuts and it's 11 joints thick making you want more. Reef is currently on tour with Jedi Mind Tricks & Outerspace so check him out. Tha album "Fight Music" should be out Jan/Feb next year on Inner Loop Records/???????

CLICK HERE to get more of REEF

4.AP. Adam (government time) has been making noise in the DMV for a few years and he's The Prince Of The Middle East. He recently has made serious noise while being featured on and deemed a future Hall of Famer by none other than former A&R for Atlantic- Sickamore. He has a mixtape with Commonwealth/Stussy dropping soon and a Don Cannon joint dropping ASAP. Best thing is....Inner Loop Records is producing an entire album with the next to blow from The DMV! Check out AP as his first national single drops next Tuesday...


5.Ra The MC. I'm lacing Ra with a couple joints for her first project. I think it's coming out on the new distrobution channel. Ra was demo of the month a few months ago and has a solid mixtape out "A Mixtape About Something." She's collaborated with sum good people and her rep is getting very BIG right now. She's one of the dopest females poppin right now. Top 3 easily. Period.


6.SMIF-N-WESSUN. Yep, those dudes. I got some shit me n Steele are working on. He sposed to send me a joint he just did with Smooth The Hustler and Big Trig over one of my jawns. He's dropping a new digital album at the end of year and he's breaking off some new clothing company. You also may have heard Heltah Skeltah's album "D.I.R.T." I did "APE MUSIC" on there with StU Bangas.

7.Kevlaar 7. He's from the group The Wisemen. They dropped an album last year on Babygrande Records. He's Bronze Nazareth's brother and he's fuckING ill. Rza co-signed and he's working on the new EPMD project too. I got some heat with him and rumor has it that from DEAD PREZ will be on one of the tracks I did.

8.William Cooper. i met will cooper back in 2002 when I was Hi-C and he was Booth. He was working with Tragedy. He produced a bunch of shit for Trag actually. His production is sick. He hasnt been makin many beats lately but he is dropping his solo album soon. It has Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Timbo King, Blue Raspberry, Bloodsport, Bronze & Kevlaar on it. Me & chops did 4-5 beats on that record. Cooper and I have been thru a lot. That's my ace right there. He was at my crib in uptown on Georgia in b/w Kennedy and Jefferson while I was at work when someone broke in! haha. Check his video out...

9.J-$crilla. That's me! I got a secret project I'm working on that is gonna be crazy... I've already started it and only 1 soul knows about it. ME! I'll let yall in on that later...

10.Sketch. Me & Sketch have a new album dropping next year. We are kinda getting into it heavy right now. sketch was "Unsigned Hype" in the Source last year. He's straight up the most potent lyricist in Virginia (well, him & Beta.) He dropped an album last year called "Ill" and it featured Illa Ghee, Trife The God and some others. Our album will have some flavoristic appearances by some ill dudes. Check my fellow Acura TL driving brethren HERE

11.King Magnetic. This 6 foot 10 giant is dropping his debut album next year. He is a member of The Army Of The Pharoahs and a mainstay. He has a mixtape put out with Shadyville and DJ Woogie. He has a number of albums and mixtapes he's recently dropped. He grinds heavy and is a strong arming rapper. HAHA. He'll get someone to do a show with him in allentown, PA (where he stays) and hold him hostage til they record like 6 songs!!! lol. He's a beast on the mic. I think one of the tracks i'm doing for his album is going to have AZ on it. He'll also be on the $crilla/$ketch album. Check him here.

12.Ankh Amen Ra. My dude Ra is the fuckING truth!!!! He is the future fresh king of the 2050 maybauch zoot suit. He just dropped "The Awakening" - I produced 7 or 8 joints on that. We did "Yes We Can" about Obama and it had the internet going nuts over the summer. He's working on 2 new EPs. One entirely produced by me and one entirely produced by Judah. Watch out. He's also the voice of Read his journal and download his album HERE

13.Guns-N-Butter Presents "RAISE THE HAMMER VOL. 4". StU Bangas, Chop-La-Rok & J-$crilla will be dropping that in 2009 or as soon as Chops touches down from his bid. At the top of this post I put up Vol. 3 DatPiff player. I gotta put up Vol. 1 hosted by Nature and Vol. 2 as well.

14.INNER LOOP RECORDS. We are doing the monthly BEATDOWN- the ONLY Producer Showcase in DC. We are developing into a functional label with Reef, K-Beta and AP releases soon to come. We are strategically placing ourselves within the The DMV and World to make sure our talents are super-imposed on teachers butt cheeks all over the GLOBE!!!!!mwhahahahahahahaha.

15.Laelo Hood. Funny how I ran into dude after so many years. we been workin a lot lately. He has a crazy album bout to drop. I did a joint called "Preach" that is undeniable and DJ G.I. Joe is doing the cuts on that one. We gonna be doing a lot more work soon. Check him out here

Maaaaaaan. There's a lot more tracks I'm getting placed and such but I'm done for now. I got joints on Slaine's albums/mixtapes, Doap Nixon's joint, shit with Cassidy, JR Writer, Illanoise, V Nuckles (MY DUDE!!!,) Amadeus's joint (one featuring Statik Selektah's artist REKS,) and much more...I'm GAAAAAAWWWWWWWN

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Credit Due

So, I recently did a track on Heltah Skeltah's "D.I.R.T." record and my name appears as a co-producer (I was in fact not co-producer..Stu and I made the track together) deep in the credits on the hardcopy. My dude Stu Bangas name appears next to the track all big and bold and on all the press releases and such. One may wonder... Well, his manager got us the placement and he looked out for his client rather than me. It's O-K! Karma tends to have my back...

On another, bigger note-I was reading hiphopupdate and saw that Ch-Lo the producer had a similar situation with "A-Millie" ala Lil Wayne and Bangledesh...

Check out the entire story here...

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My homie Head-Roc Celebrates Colombus Day!

Note: Chris Colombus and his cohorts were all butt pirates as well as regular pirates

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yer Girls Favorite Mixtape- J-$crilla

This is the mixtape every guy needs to hit his girl off with. Funk, soul, r&b, hip-hop and international pop bless this mixtape with seemless mixing by yours truly, J-$crilla. Enjoy and spread the word.

Yer Girls Favorite Mixtape

Saturday, October 11, 2008 about the story with Mike Tyson and Bloodsport

Mike Tyson


...ima keep yall in suspense a lil longer. Maybe itll make u knuckleheads check back n tell a friend to tell a friend about this blog



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Live From Bed-Stuy" Inner Loop and 33 Post Link Up!

33 Post and Inner Loop Records come together to reinvent one of the best that ever did it. Beat by Nfinit and video work by Dan Marker-Moore.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Life Of A $crillionaire Weekend Report

I went up to Bmore on Friday to compete in the Scribble Jam Prelims Producer Battle. Winner was to win a plane ticket, hotel, cash and entrance in the Scribble Jam battle. There were 32 producers and I ended up winning 2nd place, but... It was me, T-Moz and Mark Henry (now infamously known around our area as the dude that beat Oddisee in the first round of the Red Bull Big Tune Battle last week) as the final 3. They had us all come up on stage and I think we all thought that it was the finals. We played 2 beats each over 2 rounds. I ended up winning b/w us 3. So I shoulda won right? Nope. They gave me a bye to the next round and had Mark and T battle to face me. Mark won. I then battled him in the finals (again!) and lost the first, won the second and lost the third. Congrads to Mark. It was my third battle ever and I got a better idea of what to play next time. The crowd and judges want beats that were really exciting and filled with crashes (no disrespect Mark) and lots of drum rolls and changes. It was a real good time and the battle had some real good producers from as far away as Detroit entering. Be warned though, I ain't losin again. Ima lace my beats with accapella hooks, drum rolls and crashes and see all yall!!!! LMFAO! I keeeeed. I keeeeeed. 

Funny thing too. I was kinda nice by the end of the night and this dude was telling me he was fuckin with my beats and he wanted to rock one in particular- I didnt recognize dude and was like, "Who are you?" He's says, "You don't know? you'll see soon." Well, I bounced before he rocked but it ended up being Guilty Simpson and I been trying to get at that dude. WTF

On Saturday I went up to Philly with my dude sloppy Joe. We got a late start because we were up late the night before. (I met up with Joe n friends in DC when I got back from BMore.) We went up to see my homie StU Bangas rock beats and squash a certain ugly situation I had with Vanderslice. I also wanted to see Reef n the philly cats and my ace Bloodsport. I picked up StU from the train as soon as we got up there. I whipped the new Ac TL I got last week! Met StU's new wifey, she kool peoples, dropped them off and went to meet Blood in Hunting Park. When I see Bloodsport its always a good ass time. He been my homie for about 4-5 years now and everytime we get up its crazy ill times. My man Ed Chase n Mayne met us up there along with some others and this dude Ant. We just chilled at this Portugese spot drinkin mad wine and eatin mussels. We all left out to the Khyber where StU was around 11. Got there. Immediately, Vanderslice approached me and we handled our drama without incident. Then we all proceeded to have an excellent time. StU murked the game. The dude Justin booked me for a gig in March with Illmind, Statik Selektah and some young kid int he Beats and rhymes Producer Showcase. So be on the lookout for that!. Me n Joe left that night and we got home like 7am. I got a couple hours sleep then went to my dayjob where I push faders and watch TV. Now, Im bout to fall out.

Oh, one more thing... I got a crazy story to tell about Bloodsport and it involves Papa Mobb (the dude that really made "Shook Ones,") this dude from Empire Records and...drumroll.................. Mike Tyson! hahaha. Shit is siiick and I'll leave yall with that. shout out to my Phins! We are killin the AFC right now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Preach My Fellow Cracker!!!!!!

I saw this a while ago and meant to post it. The Disney reference is real my Gs. Not all white people suck!!!!! 

We made Egg Nog n we vote for Obama. Yeahhhhh!!

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