Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Public $ervice Announcement- Networking 101

U know some people ask me if I have a manager or who I know and all this shit. I hear "yo, scrilla in the industry" & "scrilla gettin all these placements" hahahaha..NOT TRUE. I do everything on my own. I got a bunch of good friends who may or maynot help me sometimes. Truth is- I get my connections by helping others who can help me out...So, when people come around and are like, "Yo can you get my beats to so and so.." or "you can u get a beat from so and so for this project.." The answer is, "WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME?" Of course I will help you out but maybe you can shoot me a video or design me a flyer or hit me with that drum kit.. You feel me? This is just basic networking 101 people. I'm not the most friendly people person and truth be told- I'm not the best at networking with even my network. But, the people who make music that are genuine- I always get along with well. So, no I'm not an industry dude and if you've known me long enough or prolly even short enough, you'd know that I'm pretty much anti- everything that's popular. That's since elementary school. I don't know why but I always got along better with the "real" people and usually the popular girls snuck around with me because I wasnt feeding into the bullshit.. So I will help you to the best of my abilities if you will help me to the best of yours. Thanks and this has been a Public $ervice Announcement

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