Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My brother Doug sent me this...crazy.

I came across a story today about Monster Cables. Apparently they sue everyone that uses the word monster. Their lawsuits include suing the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., the Chicago Bears for their use of the nickname "Monsters of the Midway", job board, Monster energy drink, and literally hundreds of small family owned businesses all for copyright infringement based on the use of the word monster.

Basically they just beat smaller companies down and force them into a settlement where the company has to pay licensing fees to Monster Cable for use of the word monster.

So basically they make well-marketed, over-hyped, overpriced audio and video cables and then own the naming rights to hundreds of products and companies.

I am kind of shocked that this is even legal. Why wouldn't a judge laugh them out of court? Copyright infringement is supposed to be for when a similar name might confuse consumers into buying another similar product. How the fuck have they taken ownership of a fucking word from the dictionary? Seriously?

Link for more details.

Anyone can help by not purchasing their products, writing letters, donating to the companies who are fighting them, or by personal finding the founder of Monster Cables, Noel Lee, and bitch slapping him.


Anonymous said...

i'd throw cookies at him -NP

T.E.F.L.O.N. said...

damn i didn't realize they strong armed companies, i love their cables though... now i feel like i'm sinning when i make music. ;(