Sunday, November 2, 2008


i just moved all weekend. i built more ikea shit/guitar center shit. i gotta return some shit cuz of faulty bullshit. case in point, i built this fuckin audio desk from guitar center. i crafted it to perfection and this motherfuckin wheel explodes today while im reconfiguring my midi setups! wtf! now i gotta put a book under the joint. shit was less than 24 hours built! but, these motherfuckers aint gonna come rebuild the shit for me. id have to break the shit down- return it, get a truck and then rebuild it! fuck outta here. i dunno...

anyways, the countdown to arma-fuckin-geddon looms and i guess everybody with some sense has to know that if barack hussein obama doesnt win then theres gonna be a fuckin riot. me- im goin grocery shoppin. holla at the God. fuck gettin caught up in a race war. my world would be fucked up! lol. no for real LOL! If obama does win then the fuckin christainteers will be out burning abortion clinics, spray painting swastikas and burning crosses! yea! kill whitey! kill blacky! kill what yer not!

for real, i like barack. i dont like the near socialistic plans- i mean yo, the emergency room sucks balls now. imagine that shit on govt health care! ha! fuck that. and, being a part time govt contractor i see the trickle down bureacratic bullshit on the regular. that shit would take 5 years minimum to install. then, all the fuckin taxes! boooo.

and mccain? well, c'mon. i wouldnt vote for a dude i cant high five. u gotta be shittin me. now this guy seems like he is running to be president cuz his wife got him by the balls. he doesnt act or seem presidential and for real, hes prolly a decent dude. he aint one of those down south republicans. he is moderate. his campaign blows balls. they went negative etc. i mean he never had a chance especially after he gotta hold of that GILFer from alaska. i mean mccain will die in office while president. so, u know, fuck the bullshit.

bottom line- govt sucks. old skool republicans had it right- let the states govern not the feds. fuck the feds!. people like reagan n the bushers fucked it up bad. democrats are good but they fuck up small business owners like a lot of us hip-hopreneurs. i mean, im all for people with less gettin some programs, getting some kickback, etc. i dont like hungry poor people roaming my streets. why? cuz hungry people are the most dangerous people. republican nazis dont realize that.

anyways, im rambling. i got something else.. what if barack is put in office by the all mighty (if u dont like conspiracies then stop reading, im full of em.) i mean dude is a 32nd or 33rd degree mason. he has ties. no fuckin way anybody gets to run for president w/o the right friends. he may not be on strings (like bush) but he has a lot to own up to. first off, hes black! news flash right?! but, for real- old, white, rich people dont like black people telling them what tghe fuck to do. its the american way. so, how does a black (half white, too) man get to run for the head executive office of the worlds premiere powerhouse?

*drum roll*

now remember this is just a conspiracy, and i hope to God im so incorrect. and i know people have said, "what if he gets in office and he gets assasinated?" well, my brothers and my sisters- thats only skin deep

what if he has been put in position to be elected president because THEY ultimately wanna create marshall law, then a world economy then finally put in to effect a new world order?!

u see.. the thinking goes...... i put obama in position to run in primaries after we set him up 4 yrs ago to deliver ridiculously charming speech at democratic convention. people under 40 have much more open minds- they were born during the summer of love or later. we can get an influx of young voters because they wanna be a part of history, vote for a black president. throw a slogan of CHANGE up until it brainwashes most moderates, liberals, democrats and general bush haters. we sink a fuckin fortune into tv ads, infomercials, pamphlets, etc to spread the message. we have record numbers of volunteers. booom. baaaam.

now we have a peer pressure type of thing going on among smart, educated people that trickles down to family and friends. now u vote for obama. ok. he wins. BAM. he gets inagurated. then- BOOM. a "terrorist" attacks. the people turn on barack hussein obama. some knucklehead shoots obama. kills obama. now- u gotta lotta pissed off smart people. the smart, liberal, educated, open mined people are fighting the dumb, stuck-in-their ways, bible thumping ignoramuses. the blacks are fighting the whites. the latinos are fighting blacks. everybodys killing middle easterners and asians. now we have an all out civil fuckin war.

but, this aint yer old fashion 1863 civil war. no no no. this aint a african civil war. this aint a palestine vs the jews thing. this is America. the home of mega-weapons, all walks of life, the most powerful, the rich stupid people! this is the land that would have a juducial body rule marshall law (thanks bush) and rebellion would be swift.

the current economic scene plays perfectly in their created plan as the "world" economy is in full swing. soon, the g7 will run it all.

basically, i hope obama wins smoothly. i hope he helps out poor people (he ONLY speaks about middle class) and i hope he doesnt get assassinated.

Good luck and get groceries!


Rob C said...

Yo Scrilla, niiiiiice, is all I have to say. Brilliant observation of America, post-Obama-nation. He talks a fuck of a good game about the mid-class though doesn't do fuck all except lower the taxable income year end gross' to 125, from 250k, he whips out the big woody, thus kickin' it extra hard for the poor sucker the who-be 'kickin'-can ma'fuckers', the unemployed; and vehemently stays way the fuck out the way of the super rich and the unions, you know, the ones he bailed out who will essentially bail him the fuck out of this abysmal first term in 2012. You were right, go ole skool Republican - like Lincoln Republican, keep the govt. in the business of fixing the streets, apparently they been on a 20 year strike/hiatus double-0 smoke break or sump'in down on Flatbush and Church Avenues, try driving anything wider then an econo-van across that moth'afuck'a of an intersection - but ur boy digresses - keep the govt out of everything but fixing the roads, keeping the libraries stacked with books, build new state of the art skools, pay teachers as much as you pay MLB umpires, keep 5-0 and fire dept. omnipresent, and fix the motha'fuckin post office so I don't gotta pay 13 dollars to get something sent to me, that I won on E-bay for 3 dollars?!?! Oh yeah, and give Amtrack back to the public, because y'all don't know fuck-all about trains-planes-and ma'fuckin' automobiles - hint - cash for clunkers! You are the man Scrilla! Rob C is out!

Anonymous said...

you do realize that librarIEs schools roads firemen policemen, ect., are all socialist practices are country has all your post does is scream you IGNORANCE

Anonymous said...

both of you two are retarded. you're both wrong, and obama sucks some major donkey cock and so do you. and mr. anonymous, "all your post does is scream you ignorance", you are retarded and can't "spek anglsh caractly" hurr durr dumbass!