Monday, June 23, 2008


We went to Philly this past weekend and mixed the Reef/GNB record "FIGHT MUSIC"... Big up to Scott Stalone over at Found Sound Studios for the ridiculous mixing and puttin up with our antics. Doap Nixon, Chief Kamachi, Vanderslice, Sloppy Joe, and more dropped by to see what was poppin. Reef had that good and Elekto and Doap had to put up with murk outs in the Badlands over some footballs..hahaha...Slop Joe had us crackin up all Saturday and Fusion and Vanderslice put us on to that heat in the sticks! I was over at Bloodsport's studio with Yatzee also. The new Bloodsport album is crazy. "My Last Goodbye" is gonna have dudes cryin their eyes out Blood!!!

My dude Doap Nixon's new album "Sour Diesel" drops July 22 on Babaygrande. Cop that. Me, Stu, Slice and more got records on that.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Droppin Knowledge 101

It's time to start putting whomever reads this blog onto some goodies. This is a good book to start reading if you wanna get a REAL DEAL look of how our country was built. The book as told by immigrants, indians, slaves, poor and sufferable people. It's the history they don't want you to know. Big up to Illy Mo for puttin me on...


note: I'm not aware of a per se battle this night but we shall see. I'm bringin that heat regardless...Come check me out TUESDAY, JUNE 25 @ THE LEGEND NIGHTCLUB

and then...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Hipster Summer

So, I was just pondering a thought as I search for new gear this summer. What type of shorts are the hipsters gonna rock this summer? They got the skinny jeans in the cooler months. I'm guessing their sense of style will take them to the short short days of the 80's NBA, ala, Bird vs. Magic. It is a Garnett vs. Kobe summer after all. I don't think the hipsters can truly rock the sagging shorts or 3/4 jawns like the rest of us. That would contradict their whole style, no?
I'm not saying anything either way about the division sign on the nuts trend (or am I?) but, it just seems counterproductive to their trends. We shall see...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Cry For Help

Can YOU make a difference?! To all 5 people that read this lovely blog (leave some love so I know ya'll reading this) please spread the word. We at Inner Loop Records NEED help promoting our events and music. These include:

The BEATDOWN (A monthly producer showcase)

K-Beta album drops this summer ft. production from J-$crilla, Overok, Judah, NFinit, Team Demo, Kevlar & E-Minah

Reef The Lost Cauze/Guns-N-Butter "Fight Music" ft. Big Noyd, Slaine, K-Beta, Akir, King Magnetic, Bloodsport drops this fall

Guns-N-Butter new album drops soon ft. Reef, K-Beta, Sketch, JR Writer, Cassidy, Smif-N-Wessun, Big Noyd, Bloodsport, Doap Nixon, Slaine, Ankh Amen Ra, Judah, Block McCloud, Illanoise, King Magnetic, Planet Asia and more. IF U THINK YOU'RE ILL ENOUGH TO THEN HIT ME!!! I need more DMV cats that spit that shit!

The Nas Remix Juwnt dropped May 29, 2008 and it's getting love from those that hear about it but, we need everyone to hear about it!!! This juwnt features some of the illest in the DMV

Lemme know whats good peoples. We need you. We need venues, marketing folk, promoters, photographers, videographers, lawyers, deejays, personalities and beautiful women behind us, Thanks.