Friday, May 30, 2008


Click The Link To Download The DMV's 2008 twist on the 1994 Nas classic "Illmatic."

Producers Overok, SlimKat78, J-$crilla, Judah, Oddisee, NFinit, Kev Brown, Best Kept Secret, Montana and Team Demo.

Emcees: K-Beta, Y.U., Sketch, Ra Tha MC, Oddisee, Sim City, Kaimbr, Shaka, R.E.U.B. & Team Demolition

Monday, May 26, 2008


I was over at Overok's crib a few weeks ago and discovered he had this DJ Hi-C beat tape laying around...LMFAO!!! This shit is quite old and a couple of the joints are cool. Nothing I would make now but you can hpefully appreciate the growth, hahaha! Try and guess when I put this out?! (Note..I started going by J-$crilla in 2003)

IT was the first beat tape I ever gave to some cats "doin it" and a couple of the joints got used by local DMV heads. My personal favorite is around 22 mins...Wow, floppy disks, forties and 5 phillies a day was what was poppin during this time of my life

Beat Tape From ???? - DJ Hi-C bka J-$crilla


Chop It Up Weekend Vol. 1 is almost here. May29-31. Go to for info

I'm battling new obstacles everyday with this music shit. Badgering people to get their mixes done, back and forth with club owners, studio tech shit, K-Beta's album, sendin sessions online, building a studio, chick shit, work, Reef/GNB album, Sketch album, Lethal Weapon album and more... I got no time to pop a bottle and pour it down a Croatian stripper's butt cheeks. (What up Loose Cannons!hahahaha)

A few artists have been hitting me up to do shows. I just want everyone to know I'm not a real promoter. I don't do shows.

My company (along with Overok, NFinit and KBeta) has a new facelift and will do launch party real soon. It's a dope website that will serve as a hub for artists in the D.C. area to sell product, promote, etc. It's a real ill all flash website that cost more than a whip. (note: Not a new whip, douuuuggghh!)

I'm going to Philly in June to mixxx the Reef/G-N-B album. That shit is gonna be crack-ola. Got guest spots from Akir, Big Noyd, King Magnetic, K-Beta, Bloodsport and Slaine. All beats by me, Chops and Stu Bangas. Got a give it up to StU & Reef for making that album originally take place. Most cats talk about it and we be about it. Reef letting us really get in his fan base. Not sure what label will carry it yet but, we've spoken to a few and there's a nice amount of interest.

K-Beta's album drops in mid-Julyon Inner Loop. Look out for the "Live From The" video around July 4th and expect that raw uncut Beta ishhhh. Production by Kevlar, NFinit, Overok, Judah, Team Demo, E-Minah, J-$crilla (I didn't wanna write "Myself" like he's some unknown producer named "Myself"), Chops and more. 16 tracks of mind-numbing heat. This album will be 10 times iller than "Ni@@r" !!!

Lots of other happenings happening too, but like I said in previous posts it will not be discussed because of the known jinx. These joints above are already confirmed and past the point of no return.

"Yo, J-$crilla if u so busy- how u got time to keep a blog?"

hahahahahaha. I got keep my peoples anticipating and in "the know. "Mama knows, aint anybody else looking out for us.. Spread the WORDDDD

With that, I leave you this mixtape. Raise The Hammer 3. May 07. All beats by Chops and Scrilla. Next one gonna be suoer crazy...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Emcees Act Like They Don't Know

Yo, I just got back from the MOST DISAPPOINTING SHOW EVER! This legend- KRS ONE- was way superstar late like every other emcee he disses, i mean late like a 10 month pregnant chick, and his opening dj (I'll get to him) was totally whack!!!! He was playin 80 bpm to 100 bpm to 90 bpm, cuttin verses off WHACKKKKKKKKKK!!! I know mad cats that left before KRS even showed. I got there at roughly 10pm right after Kokayi went on (shouts to that dude, sorry I missed) and waited til 12am for Kris to rock. The first few joints were dope and I was like, "aight this gonna be a ill show," and BOOOOOM! Shit went to diarrhea. KRS ONE the legend! KRS ONE the uniter and preacher of hip-hop proceeded to turn shit to dookie sticks with a bottle of fake Moet, He did like 30 mins of the worst freestyling ever!!! Over some of the whackest beats I ever heard a dj play. Who was that dj? He was TERRRIBLE!!! He was so bad that KRs ONE started booing him. He was calling the dj out (the only highlight of the show) and talkin smack (not enough if you ask me.) I am so disappointed. KRS was rapping in the most played out, old skool way he could. "I am rappin now and 3 hours from now I'm watching myself rap" type shit. I'm SERIOUS! I left like 45 mins into the show. I can't imagine it got any better. Words can't describe the amount of whackjuice this dude spit. The way he was freestyling should make him homeless again in no time. I'm sorry, he's a legend but I gotta call a spade a spade and a heart a heart. My heart now hurts. Emcees Act Like They Don't Know

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is Hip-Hop Black? video and Yes We Can by Ankh Amen Ra

THIS VIDEO IS PRETTY INTERESTING, put together by my homegirl Guitta Rita

Also, thanks to Judah for puttin this Ankh Amen Ra (produced by J-$crilla) download up. Make sure you cop this. It's free. It's also up on and so go leave some feedback so more songs like this will be accepted. It may inspire some of you to read a damn book or do your history. Geeeez.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Had To Take Down Previous Post

I put up like 20 songs by random DMV cats but it was too much for the server I think. Wasnt loading fast enough..I'm going to step my music player game up when I get a second. Until then, hold tight and look out for that new ANKH AMEN RA "YesWeCan" circulateing the net soon...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 29, 30, 31 are dedicated to the Past, Present & Future of Hip-Hop Production as Inner Loop Records along with Roland bring you Chop-It-Up. Three days of producer-related events at Rock-N-Roll Hotel, Club Five & Guitar Center.

Day 1: The Nas Illmatic Remix Party. Ten producers- Judah, J-Scrilla, Best Kept Secret, SlimKat78, Team Demo, Kev Brown, Oddisee, Montana, Overok & NFinit- remix the original songs with their artists to bring the past alive with a DMV version of a classic album. All Ages! Rock-N-Roll Hotel

Day 2: We bring you the Dynamic Beatdown Beat Battle w/ Roland, Dynamic Producers & Inner Loop Records. Go to to register

Prizes: cash, Roland Juno Keyboard w/Expansion Card ($1500 value,) free studio time, All-Access pass to Dynamic Producer Conference in NY in July/Aug, spot in June BEATDOWN w/Young Buck & more

Day 3: All Ages Producer workshop brought to you by Inner Loop, Streetz Magazine & Guitar Center. Bring the chilt-ren out to get em started early makin them platinum hits. Bink, Judah, me, NFinit, DJ Dub, ASCAP rep, Tynes (engineer) and more will be answering questions and demonstrating tricks of the trade.

Support and spread the word!