Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Word Sandwich

Making a living off of hip-hop is for suckas. Suck my teeth. Tell yer kids to go to school and become revolutionaries. Fuck rappers. Fuck fat, cheese-eatin producers, don't get money over morals, be happy and stop spreading negative energy into the world. Read up on your history, learn patience and don't trust people over 400 pounds. Be nice to all people. Act like you know but eventually you should stop acting. Don't chase fads and trends- create them. Stop watching TV except football and the news. Don't trust the news. Watch FOX and CNN, read The Post and The Times. Eat more fruit and broccoli. Smoke outdoor broccoli. Kill that raid shit u puttin in yer lungs. Stop using "grind" and make me some coffee. "Hustle" is a dumb word and only has meaning in sports or getting back to work in time for yer boss to not fire u. Dig for better samples. Stop using claps. Chop drum breaks. Boycott fastfood. Don't believe in recessions and depressions. Create yer own job. Be hypocritical as much as possible. Love america and love thy neighbor. Guns kill. Dont believe what they say about fuckin cuss words and dont believe that cuss words are used for lack of better vocab. "Go fuck yerself" is a wonderful saying and it sums oneself up at any given time. Greek men fucked little boys. Macedonian men humped their nephews. Persians married their sisters. The middle class is the most naive class of people but they are wonderful consumers. Why are democrats only talking about the middle class? Answer that one yerself smartypants. The Mets will prolly lose the lead and division again. "They" is a powerful word to describe "them." Enjoy yer shitty word sandwich. I made it. Eat it up.

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