Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kingpin Slim "Lookin At My City"

This shit is Fire!

The line about 88-98 is so tru. This joint sums up a lot of what cats feel about the gentrification poppin off. It's not just in DC either, but so many cities throughout the east coast and prolly the west coast. I used to be in the southwest/southeast back in 93/94/95 and wasnt nothin sweet about Delaware Ave and Housin Ave and all the other dust spots!

True Story Alert:

I was in the car riding shotgun when me n a couple homies pulled up to the corner round Delaware n 3rd. I got a couple bags from one of the slangboys and the weed I got was grass (which often times happened) and I told the dude that I was good on that and gave it back to him. He was like "hell naw, you gonna take this and gimme my loot." I said something along the lines of, "nah. I'm good." As I was rolling up my window (manually of course-this is like 94) he starts talkin shit and callin over the homies. I was like, "step on it, roll out." Well, here's where it gets Tarantino- my homie's brother was driving and he was DEAF! He ain't really have a clue what was poppin and we all yellin at him and as this goes on, slangboy swings through the window (as I'm still rolling it up) and cocks me cold in the eye! Then the motherfucker sped off! Hahahaha. Kingpin slim bringin back them dusty memories with this one. We need to do some work G.

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