Thursday, September 18, 2008


yo what the hell are all these "TAGGED" friend requests yall sendin me? I dont get it. Is it spam?I'm not joining anymore -hahah, social networking sites. Myspace is enough for me. Did yall see the Puff video- orange juice n fruit loops- classic. I'm on my next level producer game. If I could somehow find a way to do it fulltime I dont think I could be stopped. Damn. Wish I was 22 again when all I did was sit in my basement and scratch (dope) n bang (whack) beats... Now my cuts are rusty n beats are fluid (for the most part.) Nobody got the style like GNB. StU on his next level shit and b4 Chops went away he was killin the game. Im trying to build with more musicians. I got sum tricks up thy sleeve. I make hip-hop. Not go-go. Not crank. Not crunk. Not pop. Not emo. I got all styles from soul to rock to street to weird but mostly I make conceptual shit. I make beats THEN I PRODUCE! I got a seed on the way. Im loyal to my chick and Im feeling the energy around me. From GNB to to Team Gold Medal to Inner Loop to family to friends! 

Anybody bringing negative energy can keep gettin my voicemail.

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