Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vocoder Overkill

Yo, stop this nonsense. I hate when something kinda cool gets abused to the point that it makes u hate it. My dude Balla-T used to love Necro and talk about him all the time. So much, to the point that I couldnt even fool w/his music too tough. lol. 

Seriously u motherfuckers cant sing! 

And, now w/the micro korg sensations going down... it's about to be 85 all over again. And together micro korgs and vocoders added with 808s- awwwww man. I was 8 years old when that shit was poppin. DON'T DO IT KANYE! Wayne n T-Pain already created a monster. Be original

1 comment:

eyeneff said...

Say word!!!
"The whole game dick rode that funny voice shit" - Joe Budden

Oh and Balla T is still on some Necro shit whenever I talk to him.