Wednesday, March 11, 2009


18. Best Producer

Text Sosa

So I was nominated for a producer of the year award for the DMV area. YAY!! I mean yea I definitely think I should be. But, look at the company. Oddisee- to me- is the best producer in the DMV. Kev Brown, Team Demo, Kokayi, Judah, Rich Harrison and a few others are great too. Mark Henry, E-Minah, Soulful and a few others are great beatmakers and future great producers- they just havent had a lot of oppurtunities to work with artists to produce yet. X-Quiz, Text Sosa, LCD, T2, and some others all make a diff kinda hip-hop than the cats I mentioned above. It should prolly be two types of categories. They make more commercially viable stuff- music I deem more urban pop music. And they are great at it, especially T2 and LCD. I dont know who Draus or LX are but they prolly are pretty good since they got enough people to vouch for them?

Also, this awards show proves that Inner Loop is a machine. We stood behind DJ Alizay, K-Beta, myself and Inner Loop. Go to and you'll see what its all about.

Anyways, thats my 2 cents if you want it. I'm sure somebody is gonna come thru the door and shoot the spot up cuz they hood wasnt repped right! Peace

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JUDAH said...

Blah Blah Blah...I shouldn't be nominated and don't want to be nominated or associated with such a lame awards cookout.