Monday, May 26, 2008


I was over at Overok's crib a few weeks ago and discovered he had this DJ Hi-C beat tape laying around...LMFAO!!! This shit is quite old and a couple of the joints are cool. Nothing I would make now but you can hpefully appreciate the growth, hahaha! Try and guess when I put this out?! (Note..I started going by J-$crilla in 2003)

IT was the first beat tape I ever gave to some cats "doin it" and a couple of the joints got used by local DMV heads. My personal favorite is around 22 mins...Wow, floppy disks, forties and 5 phillies a day was what was poppin during this time of my life

Beat Tape From ???? - DJ Hi-C bka J-$crilla

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eyeneff said...

At first listen I'm guessing 2001 2002, cause I got some tapes that are even older than that, LOL!