Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Life Of A $crillionaire Weekend Report

I went up to Bmore on Friday to compete in the Scribble Jam Prelims Producer Battle. Winner was to win a plane ticket, hotel, cash and entrance in the Scribble Jam battle. There were 32 producers and I ended up winning 2nd place, but... It was me, T-Moz and Mark Henry (now infamously known around our area as the dude that beat Oddisee in the first round of the Red Bull Big Tune Battle last week) as the final 3. They had us all come up on stage and I think we all thought that it was the finals. We played 2 beats each over 2 rounds. I ended up winning b/w us 3. So I shoulda won right? Nope. They gave me a bye to the next round and had Mark and T battle to face me. Mark won. I then battled him in the finals (again!) and lost the first, won the second and lost the third. Congrads to Mark. It was my third battle ever and I got a better idea of what to play next time. The crowd and judges want beats that were really exciting and filled with crashes (no disrespect Mark) and lots of drum rolls and changes. It was a real good time and the battle had some real good producers from as far away as Detroit entering. Be warned though, I ain't losin again. Ima lace my beats with accapella hooks, drum rolls and crashes and see all yall!!!! LMFAO! I keeeeed. I keeeeeed. 

Funny thing too. I was kinda nice by the end of the night and this dude was telling me he was fuckin with my beats and he wanted to rock one in particular- I didnt recognize dude and was like, "Who are you?" He's says, "You don't know? you'll see soon." Well, I bounced before he rocked but it ended up being Guilty Simpson and I been trying to get at that dude. WTF

On Saturday I went up to Philly with my dude sloppy Joe. We got a late start because we were up late the night before. (I met up with Joe n friends in DC when I got back from BMore.) We went up to see my homie StU Bangas rock beats and squash a certain ugly situation I had with Vanderslice. I also wanted to see Reef n the philly cats and my ace Bloodsport. I picked up StU from the train as soon as we got up there. I whipped the new Ac TL I got last week! Met StU's new wifey, she kool peoples, dropped them off and went to meet Blood in Hunting Park. When I see Bloodsport its always a good ass time. He been my homie for about 4-5 years now and everytime we get up its crazy ill times. My man Ed Chase n Mayne met us up there along with some others and this dude Ant. We just chilled at this Portugese spot drinkin mad wine and eatin mussels. We all left out to the Khyber where StU was around 11. Got there. Immediately, Vanderslice approached me and we handled our drama without incident. Then we all proceeded to have an excellent time. StU murked the game. The dude Justin booked me for a gig in March with Illmind, Statik Selektah and some young kid int he Beats and rhymes Producer Showcase. So be on the lookout for that!. Me n Joe left that night and we got home like 7am. I got a couple hours sleep then went to my dayjob where I push faders and watch TV. Now, Im bout to fall out.

Oh, one more thing... I got a crazy story to tell about Bloodsport and it involves Papa Mobb (the dude that really made "Shook Ones,") this dude from Empire Records and...drumroll.................. Mike Tyson! hahaha. Shit is siiick and I'll leave yall with that. shout out to my Phins! We are killin the AFC right now.

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