Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some News

I just got back from Yates Penthouse and...

...I got some good news. Aside from kickin it with the Blazz Fam & Reef all weekend, I got the new posse cut of the future ready to drop. Just gotta mix it down and master it for the masses. I got back from Philly yesterday & had Bloodsport & Yatzee Yates drop 16s. I got a gang of cats on it and I'm gonna trim the fat & keep the Phat! (Yea I brought it back. LOL) The joint is gonna be the 8 dopest verses for the StU/$crilla CD & I'll drop the whole joint with ALL emcees sometime soon as a remix. Thanks for everyone gettin involved with that. It's like some 2008 Geto Boyz "Bring It On" shit.

Also, look out for that new StU Bangas joint- HE Rappin! AND- for his first jawn he got some ill features I won't name.. He still ain't ever really rapped for me but we shall see what it do for. I like ALC better on the boards. As a matter of fact, I like Pete Rock, Large Pro & Dre choppin samples up better as well. Ahhh, I understand. I rap all the time but never really lay it down unless I'm playin or wobly. 

Also, check the new Heltah Skeltah album dropping Sept 21. A couple joints by Stu & myself on there. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah boy...uhhhhh...when you hear this here gon wihl out! the boi nice wit his....! uhhhh...Stu Bangas