Monday, August 11, 2008

K-Beta MixtaPE & ALbum

I just want you all to know that the K-Beta mixtape will be dropping very soon. We still havent decided on a title but the joint is too serious and the album is CRAZY! The mixtape are a shitload of songs that didnt make the final cut and we have some clever marketing schemes ready for that (soon to be disclosed.)

Production by J-$crilla (that's me,) Overok, NFinit, Best Kept Secret, E-Minah ("Closer" is that jam,) Kevlar & Team Demo.
Features: Slaine, V Knuckles, Sketch, Judah, Mina (killin it,) and a couple surprises!

I got back from the Inner Loop meeting and just wanted to let ya'll know to keep yer eyes open and ears waxed.

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