Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reef vs. G-N-B


This album is a banger and we put some work into it. Here's the track info:

Reef the Lost Cauze vs. Guns-N-Butter "Fight Music"

1.Intro ("Fuck The Fame")- Produced by StU Bangas

2."I'm A G"- Produced by StU Bangas

3."Trigger Talk" ft. Bloodsport- Produced by J-$crilla

4."Bosses" ft. Akir & K-Beta- Produced by J-$crilla & StU Bangas

5.Interlude ("Press 5 To Accept")- Chop-La-Rok

6."Get Me Outta Here" -Produced by J-$crilla

7."We On That Bullshit" ft. King Magnetic & Slaine- Produced by J-$crilla

8."Lazy Sunday"- Produced by StU Bangas

9."Cut U Up"- Produced by StU Bangas

10."What We Rep" ft. Big Noyd- Produced by J-$crilla

11."I Can See The Sun"- Produced by Chop-La-Rok

"I'm The Cauze/The new Chuck-D/Guns-N-Butter my Bomb squad/N**ga Duck these!"- from "Fight Music"- "I'm a G"

Guns-N-Butter is the hip-hop production posse of the future. The team consists of Chop-La-Rok, StU Bangas & J-$crilla. Even the most casual listener can appreciate the powerful mix of guns, butter, drama and soul that G-n-B cranks out. Who's top 5 on the grussle? Reef the Lost Cauze, and he's one of the most profound, sharpened and clever wordsmiths in hip-hop today! Reef v. G-N-B is a future classic. It's the first of many more collabos between Reef and these heavyweight producers. Fight Music...


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eyeneff said...

I caught that "I'm a G" joint, it's FIIIYYAAAAAAHHHH!
Reef is nice, and over GNB!? That bomb squad line is correct. Can't wait to hear the rest of it.