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A $crillionaire Rebuttal

I just read an editorial by this spoon-fed whore of soccer mom- Melanie Scarborough- in The Examiner today and I immediately felt the urge to rebut her statements. I hope she googles herself and reads that not only middle-class and rich suburbanites read the right-winged D.C. paper but, this broke ass $crillionaire covers all angles of his knowledge GAWD! I have her editorial in red (duh!) and my statements rebuttal in green (cuz I'm no democrat either!)

WASHINGTON (Map, News) - No matter how much Barack Obama blathers about change and John McCain boasts of straight talk, neither could be elected if he espoused traditional values such as self-reliance and personal responsibility. Imagine either candidate saying to the voters:

1. It is not the responsibility of your fellow citizens to buy health insurance for you and your family. They have enough of a burden paying their own bills. If you don’t have health insurance because you’re unemployed, then get a job. If your employer doesn’t provide health insurance, buy it. Low-cost policies are available; in the Washington area, a family of four can be insured for as little as $154 a month.

Hahahaha..This is the ONE that had me in stitches my fellow Americanos! WOW! It took this cunt only 72 words to make a total bitch of herself!

First off, it's the responsibility of the government to make sure jobs are created for everyone. That's obviously not the case, nor will it ever be in a corporate capitalistic society. So what do you do with the 15 million unemployed people? You think they should die and be sick? Their children should suffer because their parents are jobless? Have you ever heard of circumstances? Not all were born with silver spoons and fresh pampers. And, the lowest quote for a family of four I saw was $274.61. That was with a $10,000 deductible, 0% co-insurance and no coverage for hospital visits. Basically, it's insurance if you get cancer or are in a horrible car accident. It's known as Catastrophe Insurance or some shit. Even if you get sick the poor family has to come outta pocket on ten G's. No poor person can afford that insurance! How are you gonna support a family of four where the infant gets sick and both parents have a combined income of $26,000/year (and that's being REAL generous.) Once you get behind the 8-ball on bills and the creditors come all you're doing is digging out the hole of interest and fucked up credit. And, you wonder why these poor people wanna carjack your pretty little ass?!

And! I'm all for the government paying for health insurance. I gotta see my tax dollars go to wars that are waged for the rich to blow up little children and women. You want to build more prisons with my money instead of helping out our sick children or building a decent school or paying a higher wage to the teacher who teaches your seed. I can think of a lot of things to do with a few trillion dollars a year, thanks. 

Plus, if I taxed the rich more then they'd pay for it anyways. In fact just make The Rockerfellers pay that shit. They owe all poor people back pay for the railroads, banks and every other early American industry.

In fact, Melanie, if I was President- I'd tax your ass first and make you open up a daycare center in Berry Farms

One of the main reasons health care is so expensive now is because so much of it — e.g., Medicare and Medicaid — is paid for by taxpayers. The system can only get worse by making all 300 million Americans patients of the government. Besides, do you really want your health care in the hands of the same people who manage the Postal Service and the Transportation Security Administration?

Ewwww..A clever attempt of a quip! I love it Melanie. You're so smart and the little postal service/TSA line was ingenious! 

Yea, my mail lady Rosie is gonna perform my colonoscopy thanks to the new government funded health care system. Definitely. You don't have to sign up for this health care you dummy! We know how upsetting it would be for you to wait in line for your Prozac with all of those scary Salvadorians. Keep your doctor and the government will give you a tax break for not using subsidized health insurance. OKAY!!

2. “Diversity is our strength” has become a dangerous mantra. Diversity will destroy us unless we start insisting that those who come here to take advantage of our prosperity also assimilate to our culture. It does not matter if citizens are different colors; it matters mightily when they have opposing values. Look at what has happened in Western Europe due to growing Muslim populations. The Archbishop of Canterbury said earlier this year that the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia (Islamic law) in the United Kingdom now “seems unavoidable.”

"The Archbishop of Canterbury....."seems unavoidable""""""""" quote quote quote. Shut the F up! When's the last time you got your jawnt jank wet?! Tell you what- go to Swingin Richards and get a slab of meat- then quote yourself while your pale, skinny little ass is in the air and beads of sweat run down your forehead. 

That is the most random religious propaganda quote I've seen in (sadly) a week. Diversity is a strength. Who's values do you speak of that are opposed? WTF?! You are afraid of shaded people taking advantage of American prosperity? lol. Do you wait in your car at Safeway until the "towelhead families" have safely vacated the premises?

The only way the United States can protect itself from such inevitable chaos is to severely limit immigration from Muslim countries — and withstand the caterwauling about bigotry. Western democratic values are fundamentally incompatible with some of the tenets of Islamic law. Muslims who do not believe in the equality of men and women, secular government, or freedom of speech are never going to embrace American values, and their presence can only weaken our culture.

OKAY. I'm really disturbed by this one. Seriously. Do you wanna ship all the Japs back to Tokyo? Do you wanna scoop up all the "reds" and send em to Russia? How about them colored people? Why do we pay them for? You're nuts lady. I usually like nutty people but you're really out there. Ha. I bet you have a lot of non-white friends. haha. Wow. Did you proofread this editorial? Even if you are the racist, child killer you claim to be it takes serious tits to publish this shit.

Scarborough? Ah, yes your overpaid husband gave you that name. He obviously comes from England. Where does your family come from? Do you know? I hope you have a bit of Indian or Persian or Nigerian in you. You'd probably go insane.

You think a Muslim moving here doesn't know what they're getting themselves into? Come on! Not all Muslims are fundamentalists and not all Christians are bible thumpers. Geez. You're a fucking retard lady.

3. There is no relationship between the amount of money spent on schools and the quality of education. For example, Washington, D.C., ranks third in per-pupil expenditure yet has one of the worst school systems in the country. The crucial determinant of student achievement is the competence of teachers, and paying higher salaries to bad teachers doesn’t solve the problem.

So, now you hate teachers. It only gets better with you lady. You're right. Let's build more prisons. We don't have to pay crooked security guards shit and they'll probably end up killing the kids anyway. Easy come, easy go. Teachers are the problem.

Teachers are the problem

I can't believe you wrote that. You suck. Seriously. I don't understand you.

The answer is to make it more difficult to become a teacher so that the profession will regain its prestige. If the certification test to become a teacher were as difficult as those certifying accountants or architects, education could no longer be a default major for the poorest-performing college students.

We are in dire need of teachers and you wanna make it harder? Hey, how about we make it harder to be a corporate billionaire. If they aren't smarter than a fifth grader then we put a quarter of their yearly earnings in the health care system. Or, lets make it harder to become a dentist and we'll all run around like some Brits (your lineage) with mangled yellow teeth. 

Oh yea. Our accountants are so smart! hahaha. No offense POPS! 

4. As economist Robert Samuelson recently pointed out, the United States faces a crisis that will become a catastrophe if we don’t take immediate steps. By 2050, one fifth of the population will be older than 65, and while the entire U.S. population may exceed 430 million, about four-fifths of that increase will reflect immigrants, their children and their grandchildren. “The potential for conflict is obvious,” Samuelson said. “Older retirees and younger and poorer immigrants — heavily Hispanic — will compete for government social services and benefits. Squeezed in between will be middle-class and middle-age workers, facing higher taxes.

Therefore, we must reform both Social Security and immigration policy before our nation collapses under the weight of both.

Good luck. Reforms seem to have worked well so far. lol. You are so scared. Move to the midwest. Why do you care? You won't have to fight for social services. You'll be dead!

5. It is not the government’s responsibility to take care of you from cradle to grave. If you have shelter, food, medical care and access to education, you are not poor. Indeed, by the standards of most of the rest of the world, you are very wealthy. So long as welfare mothers can afford manicures, hair weaves and cell phones, it is ridiculous to talk about confiscating more from the wages of productive people to give to those who aren’t.

Your tone and choice of words just got really racist if to say you were walking a fine line before. How are you gonna say who is poor and who isn't? If you make minimum wage or less then you are poor. Plus, millions have neither shelter, food, medicine or education so what should we do with them? Crime is committed when the less fortunate have nothing. You wanna deter crime? Give the poor people some shit, it's better for the whole world and economy. Don't worry they won't be at Aspen or The Kennedy Center bothering you. 

Side note: You know when I served food and bartended at the fancy restaurants the staff used to love people like you. Have you ever had bad diarrhea after a meal? Hmmm. Those poor people don't like being treated like animals lady.

These are among the critical facts our nation should be discussing, but it is a safe bet that neither Obama nor McCain will dare acknowledge them. They know that a campaign focused on such matters would end with the words, “I congratulate my opponent.”

The very last sentence is right on the money. Your "critical facts" belong in fascist dictatorships. Bye!

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