Tuesday, April 22, 2008

**Grown & Sexy Attire Required!!**

Wu-Tang is coming to Love Nightclub! WTF! First off, I'm no fan of mega-clubs so I will not be there but I got this e-mail and it perplexed me. Wu-Tang-last I heard- was not getting along at all. They have nothing to promote. They're album dropped many many months ago and flopped (I believe it dropped last year.) It didn't just flop, like under the radar but it was heavily promoted and made accessible to the monks in Tibet and the soldiers in Kosovo. Everyone was anticipating it and it flopped. It was a terrible album. Anyways, they'll be at Love Nightclub soon and please **Grown & Sexy Attire Required!!**

I predict Rza, Gza, Cappadona, U-God and Inspektah Deck will be there. Meth 40%.

I can't believe we're in the days where you have to wear grown and sexy attire to go see the fathers of grimey, east coast hip-hop. That shit is SOOOO played. Hip-hop is so watered down. I'm not mad at Wu-Tang for gettin their lil money and I'm not mad at Club Love for reaching out to real hip-hop dudes. But, I dunno.

I like grilled talapia. I like german-chocolate cake. I like corn on the cob. I like fried chicken. I like Cap'N Crunch. But, when you combine all these things together it makes for a shitty snack that will ultimately give you diarrhea (with corn lumps.)

These were the days!

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dren$ said...

Whatever dude, you love Love.