Monday, April 28, 2008

The Artist Jinx

The jinx of all jinxes is when- as an artist- you tell a motherfucker what you're working on/got going on before it's 100%. Dayuuuum. I mean, even when you get the contract signed and you get a 2 album deal and before you get an advance...The ball drops. This recently happened to one of my dudes. It was out of his hands. Shady labels doing shady things. Happens all the time. I for instance had the FREE P Tour booked for May. Alchemist, Cormega, Big Noyd and Twinz were slated to perform at Club Five. I had a verbal agreement and then... The ball drops and cats want this and this and that. So, the ball gets dropped and I look like an idiot to those I made arrangements with, etc. I don't feel no real way about it.. Every artist goes through this. They get hyped up when something bigger than normal is supposed to go down and they feel like they need to tell they mans and they mans tells they mans and that's when the JINX takes place. It's like the energy turns against you for allowing the surprise to surface. Like, in baseball, you're up to bat against Johan Santana and you see his delivery and you've studied it and BAM! You know it's gonna be a fastball the minute it leaves his hand. You swing a big uppercut and WHOOOOSH! It was a nasty 93 MPH slider. 

Well, no more jinxes my friends. I've been through that mess. Like when Tragedy Khadafi was going to take me and Chops under his wing and turn us into SUPERSTARS! Or, when Rodney Jerkins wanted to sign us to Darkchild and then- he wants WAAAAY too much of our cut. Or, when our manager gets our beats to G-Unit, D-Block, Def Jam and then leaves the country for 4 months and there's no contact made. How about when I get to dj for an artist on Universal and they're talking tours, we do a couple magazines, records are cut, Affiliates do a mixtape..then I realize I'm doing something I don't wanna do! Not because of the artist and subsidiary label but because I just saw a fraudulent lifestyle and I couldn't be 100% behind the situation. I took myself out the situation before I got too deep... but, cats were like, "what happened?!" "You turned THAT down!" Yup. Wasn't for me.

There's really too many situations like this to even name. The name of the game is patience and persistance (what up K-Skills!) I'm in it to win it. I do this for the love first and the money (hahaha) second. Those that follow the G-N-B movement and Inner Loop movement know that I'm on my grind. I am focused and I will never stop AND we only get better like Stag's Leap.

With that said. I'm not telling you all whats going down right now. I've been in the studio with snakes, I've rolled with snails and I've been in the lion's cage. Well, now the elephants are comin out and me and the crew are holding the tusks with red-dots on our heads. 

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T.E.F.L.O.N. said...

i know all about that jinx homie... it's happened over a million times to me. fuck the snakes, i'm ready to roll on them elephants too boss.